Along Came A Lady by Christi Caldwell


Along Came A Lady weaves a mesmerizing story of redemption and love.  This opposite attracts love story enchants and delights the reader at every turn.

Rafe Audley and his three siblings are the abandoned illegitimate children of the Duke of Bentley.  After thirty years, the Duke reaches out.  A recalcitrant Rafe refuses to have anything to do with the representatives the Duke sends; Rafe wants to keep his everyday life in a coal-mining town.  Edwina Dalrymple is the latest weapon in the Duke’s arsenal to get Rafe to London.  Edwina prepares young ladies for their entry into society.  Edwina is tasked with instructing Rafe in the ins and outs of the peerage while convincing him to go to London to meet his father.  

I have never read two more tenacious characters than Rafe and Edwina; they meet their match in each other.  The banter between the couple is deliciously written.  As the book progresses, we discover the tragedies that have sculpted our couple.  Both are damaged and untrusting.  Rafe and Edwina have many similar difficulties, yet they handle them oppositely.  Rafe’s loyalty and love for his family and community radiate off his character.  At first, Edwina’s constant cheerfulness was grating; however, once I got to know and understand her, I learned to love Edwina.  

The love-hate relationship of the couple flourished under the sharp, witty dialogue.  Their journey to love for these enemies turn lovers is tumultuous, yet so well designed that I couldn’t put the book down.  The attraction between the couple grew exponentially as the book progressed.  The sensuality built gradually to a fiery culmination.

The plot unfolded effortlessly and flawlessly.  There were so many nuances and depth that built layer upon layer of the poignant story.  The story was engaging and written exceptionally well.  Along Came A Lady is the first book in the All The Duke’s Sins series.  These novels focus on the illegitimate children of a Duke who tries to enter into their lives many years too late.  The bare bones of this story are the different facets of forgiveness.  It focuses on the forgiveness of others. However, it also addresses how one must forgive themselves for situations that one cannot control.  There is no peace with others until one finds peace within themselves, which resonated with me.  A first-class, excellent start to an exhilarating romantic saga!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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