A Duke Worth Fighting For by Christina Britton


A Duke Worth Fighting For is a swoon-worthy tale of love’s healing power.  This is a beautiful re-telling of a redemptive Beauty And The Beast story.  The novel is an eye-catching, breath-taking journey.

Daniel Hayle, the Duke of Carlisle, is awkward and severely injured from the battle of Waterloo.  He has to find a wife and produce an heir quickly to ensure that his dastardly cousin doesn’t inherit.  Daniel is reclusive and shy; he is self-conscious of his wounds resulting from other’s horrific reactions.  Daniel is such a tragic figure.  He is beaten down by a society that scorns him and in which he cannot navigate.  Although a hero, he has been brutally rejected and swears off love.  His awkwardness and discomfort resonated with me.  Daniel has become one of my all-time favorite heroes in historical romance.  

Margery Kitteridge is a war widow who is wholly devoted to her late husband, killed at Waterloo.  She vows never to marry or love again, fearing she would diminish the love she and her husband shared.  Margery receives a blackmail letter besmirching her husband’s good name, demanding a large sum of money.  Margery meets Daniel, and the two agree to a contract; Margery will help Daniel find a wife, and in return, she will receive enough funds to pay the blackmailer.  Margery has a stubborn streak a mile wide and is loyal to all those she loves.  She, like Daniel, is emotionally broken in her unique way.  Margery is a gritty, unforgettable character.  Her quiet strength, coupled with her vulnerability, captivates.

Daniel and Margery’s physical connection is instantaneous.  However, their love story is a slow burn.  The story deliciously builds in passion and love at a perfect pace.  The couple’s passionate moments had me crying and smiling at the same time.  These moments were extraordinarily tender and heartfelt.  Daniel and Margery are a standout couple.

A Duke Worth Fighting For is the third book in the Isle Of Synne series.  This series focuses on a seaside town involving family, friends, and one cantankerous, matchmaking grandmother.  The pace of the plot built steadily throughout, keeping my attention.  There were many plot twists and surprises I didn’t anticipate.  I was shocked at some of these revelations.  There was also levity smartly weaved into the drama.  The story was an all-encompassing journey through heartbreak, discovery, and blossoming love.  I loved the theme that when we suffer loss, we can still have room in our hearts for more than one special love; if we are open to the possibilities, we can find peace, acceptance, and belonging.  This novel was breathtaking.  It had many unique plot concepts and had a stand-out, particular writing style.  This book was a sparkling,  radiant romance that left me wanting more; I didn’t want this one to end!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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