Pippa And The Prince Of Secrets by Grace Callaway


We all have our top ten list of favorite romances.  It has been forever since I have read something that enthralled me enough to add to my list.  The book must be unique, something that resonates with me on an elemental level; it must have a beautiful storyline, intense passion, and unforgettable characters.  Pippa And The Prince Of Secrets check all those boxes.

Pippa, the widowed Countess of Longmere, and Timothy “Cull” Cullen met as children, and with a single kiss, their lives were altered.  Cull is from the rookeries, and Pippa leads a privileged life.  As adults, the couple orbit two different worlds.  Cull becomes the powerful underworld Prince of Larks.  Pippa finds herself a widow from an unhappy marriage that had suppressed, degraded, and alienated her.  Pippa now works as a private investigator helping desperate women.  Flung back together by a dangerous mystery, the couple finds acceptance and healing through an unbreakable bond of love.

Both Cull and Pippa’s characters stole my breath.  Cull is in the top three of my favorite heroes.  Cull is physically scarred and emotionally distant, pushing away loved ones for their safety.  Beneath the fierce façade, Cull has unfathomable depths of kindness.  His thoughtful care of everyone around him, especially Pippa, despite his ruthlessness, is poignant.  Pippa’s character resonated with me from page one.  She is also in my top three favorite heroines.  Pippa is skittish and afraid to trust men after her disastrous marriage to a wastrel of a husband.  Always the quiet peacemaker, Pippa finds her voice throughout the journey of the book.  Pippa evolves into a strong, independent, sensual woman.  To put it plainly, Pippa was stunning.  The organic connection the couple held for each other was off-the-charts passionate.  The raw sensuality, brought forth by the trust created by undeniable love, was swoon-worthy.  As with the storyline and individual characters, the couple left me breathless and demanded my attention.  

This re-telling of a Beauty And The Beast love story focusing on tender acceptance and loving empowerment is heart-stopping.  Mixed in are a dangerous mystery and charismatic secondary characters.  The power of the love between the couple isn’t something you read every day; this includes the exquisite physicality of the novel.  The story stirred my emotions and delighted my imagination.  Pippa And The Prince Of Secrets is the second book in Lady Charlotte’s Society Of Angels.  These are powerful, sexy love stories with an underlying theme of mystery.  The ladies in these books find strength, empowerment, and resourcefulness; the men find healing and unconditional love.  As usual, the ending delivers a joyful, resplendent happily-ever-after.  I found myself re-reading chapters, which is something I don’t do.  Always a fan of Grace Callaway, she has outdone herself with this sparkling tale of unbreakable, undeniable love.  

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

Release Date: September 9, 2021

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