Her Wanton White by Tammy Andresen


I eagerly look forward to each new installment of the Dark Duke’s Legacy.  Each book contains a thread of mystery weaved through each book.  Between the compelling intrigue and genuine romance, Her Wanton White delivers a compelling love story.

Extremely rough around the edges, Lord Justice White, the third brother, is a fighter and a rake.  Lady Violet finds herself embroiled in an untenable situation.  Both characters find themselves flung into the middle of Justice’s family’s troubles.  Justice is curt and solitary.  He is emotionally scarred from the past.  Violet feels lacking, her beauty her only attribute.  Both characters discover much more about themselves; it just involves leaps of faith and love.

The writing, descriptions, and characters throughout the novel are superb.  This is a short novel, and the plot races along, keeping me riveted to the page.  The mystery and action woven throughout each book create vivid worlds and a unique plot.  Within the love story, there are always underlying questions that remain unanswered; this makes me want to read the next book!  The couple’s connection was tentative. First, there were trust issues.  However, the resolution of these issues took time which added to the development of the story.

Her Wanton White is the fourth book of Dark Duke Legacy.  This is the ongoing saga of a family whose tyrannical father left them with many confounding questions and imminent danger after his death.  Slowly each family member succumbs to love and find happiness despite their terrible upbringing.  This story is a fantastic, romantic telling of redemption.  I look forward to Sayden’s story.  These are always a good investment in a mysterious, passionate, unique series of novels.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: September 14, 2021

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