Mistletoe Christmas by Eloisa James, Christi Caldwell, Janna MacGregor, and Erica Ridley

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Overall

Mistletoe Christmas is a perfect way to get into the spirit of Christmas!  These individual stories each take place at the annual Duke’s Christmas Revelry.  An event where everyone who is anyone hopes to attend.

A Mistletoe Kiss by Eloisa James


The success of the Duke Of Greystoke’s Christmas Revelry is dependent on his daughter, Lady Cressida.  Cressie feels unattractive due to her father’s constant critiques.  Elias is at the party for his friend.  Elias is rich, titled, and handsome.  With a touch of Christmas magic, these two might find love.  Cressie is a beautiful character.  She is strong in some aspects yet timid and unsure in others.  Elias is much more than a handsome face.  I enjoyed how he could see underneath the façade to true beauty. This was a swoon-worthy romance!  The descriptive backdrops were breathtaking.  The connection between the couple was slowly nurtured from mistrust and misunderstanding to acceptance and love.  This is a lovely Christmas romance!

Wishing Under The Mistletoe by Christi Caldwell


I love a “Scrooge” themed Christmas story, and this one was wonderful!  Isabelle and Cyrus were well-developed, lovable characters.  The plot brought elements of A Christmas Carol in a fresh, exciting way.  The history and connection between the couple were tragic yet passionate.  The Christmas party was the perfect backdrop to the action.  This was a fantastic story of redemption and how true love never truly fades.  I read with a smile and light heart, an excellent Christmas read!

Compromise Under The Mistletoe by Janna MacGregor


Caroline and Stephen Whitmore are estranged and must attend the Duke’s annual Christmas party together.  This is an exciting story of reconciliation and renewal.  The plot weaves a beautiful tale of how two people who have a world of separation between them can find compromise and love.  Both Caroline and Stephen are exquisitely flawed.  The heartache and hope intertwine to build a heart-pounding love story.  This is a Christmas tale with love, passion, and understanding.  It left me with a sense of love and hope; what Christmas is all about!

Mischief & Mistletoe by Erica Ridley


Miss Louisa Hardcourt’s mother is desperate for Louisa to snare a titled gentleman before she becomes a spinster.  Unfortunately, Louisa is attracted to Mr. Ewan Reid, a kindred spirit.  Ewan and Louisa are both passionate souls hiding secrets that could destroy them.  The couple must discover if love can conquer even the most challenging obstacles.  Both Ewan and Louisa are tragic figures with burdens that they cannot discard.   The weight of these burdens creates believable, approachable characters which you cheer for a happy ending.  This was a warm, charming story about two passionate people that deserve love.  The couple’s connection was perfectly balanced.  It is a lovely tale of what beautiful things can happen if one only takes a chance on love.

Each four of these five-star reads are breathtaking and oh so swoon-worthy!  Every one of these stories is completely different, showcasing the creativity of each author.  The backdrop of the party is fantastically descriptive, and the secondary characters are enigmatic and bewitching.  All four couples are as unique as their stories.  I couldn’t put this book down.  Mistletoe Christmas is one of the best Christmas collections I have read.  I didn’t want the stories to end.  I would love a continuance for next year.  This is a collection that the reader will not want to miss!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: September 28, 2021

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