The Vixen Of A Viscount by Linda Rae Sande


The Vixen Of A Viscount is another electric, breathtaking novel in a fantastic series.  This story takes us on a romantic journey of two best friends finding love.  

Reformed rake Sebastian Peele has returned from a monastery in the Alps, ready to woo and marry a certain prim and proper young lady.  Vivian is tired of abiding by the rules and decides to take a page from Sebastian’s roguish playbook.  The sudden personality reversal is an entertaining, wild ride!  The push and pull between reformed rake Sebastian and bad girl Vivian is spot-on.  Funny at times, passionate at others, this couple keeps the reader on their toes, wanting more.

Richard and Christina are on the opposite side of the coin.  Both are reserved and proper.  This couple’s love story unfolds differently from Sebastian and Vivian’s.  Many secrets could destroy Richard that he must come to terms.  Christina is patient, kind, and understanding.  The couple’s sweet yet passionate journey was heartfelt and beautiful.

The plots of the two couples intertwine flawlessly.  The secondary characters complemented the novel perfectly.  These characters were vivid, sharp, and entertaining.  They also brought levity to the plot that made me smile.  The story raced and kept my interest until the last page.

The Vixen Of A Viscount is the sixth book in The Heirs Of The Aristocracy.  This is a lively, refreshing addition that compliments the series.  I always eagerly anticipate the next book, and this one sets the bar high!  I found myself laughing, not wanting to put the book down.  These are two passionate love stories combined in a unique, fresh way.  If you have read other books in this series, this one answers some questions posed in previous books.  I fell in love with both couples, each main character grabbing my attention and pulling at my heartstrings.  I was enamored with this book from page one.  This novel set the highest of standards from the characters to the plot to the epilogue.   This book was a fantastic read I didn’t want to end.  Linda Rae Sande has delivered yet another enthralling romance that will warm your heart!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

Release Date: September 21, 2021

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