Cocky Butler by Annabelle Anders


Oh, how I hate seeing the Regency Cock Gents series end!   I have been impatiently waiting for Cocky Butler, Blackheart’s story, and the sixth and final book.  Simon Cockfield, the Duke of Blackheart, has been a favorite secondary character of mine throughout the entire series.  Cocky Butler is the grand finale fireworks of an enticing, sexy, heartwarming series.

In the first book, Simon, the Duke of Blackheart, loses a bet to his friend, Greystone, and begrudgingly becomes Greystone’s butler for the London season.  Miss Violet Faraday is a cousin to Greystone, and she is sponsoring her niece’s come out.  The sparks fly when Violet and Simon meet, and they must navigate tragedies, misconceptions and come to terms with some brutal truths to find their happily-ever-after.

I have loved Simon from the first chapter of the first book.  Simon has always stood out, offering sage advice at times and getting his friends out of trouble at others.  He is open-minded, prizes honor, and is lonely, wanting what his friends have found but doubting he ever will find it.   He is a protective friend, a loving brother, and has the largest heart of all the gents.  Simon’s character burst forcefully from the page and demands the reader’s attention.   One is helpless but to be enamored of Simon.

Violet is a stand-out character as well.  Violet has seen tragedy and has been used and put aside.  She has lost her sense of self-value.  Violet tries so hard to ensure other’s happiness that she forgets that she deserves happiness too.  Violet climbs numerous emotional mountains in this story.  There is a moment in the story where Violet must choose to lovingly accept and encourage or be disappointed and unbending.  Violet fiercely decides to stand by those she loves.  Violet demonstrates integrity, strength, and vulnerability that is breathtaking.   

If I try to sum the heart of this plot,  it would be that unbreakable, soul-changing love isn’t neat and tidy.  Love doesn’t always follow societal rules and beliefs.  Love doesn’t always make sense, but when love can transcend all these obstacles, it is well worth the struggle.  For all these reasons and more, this plot resonated with me on a certain level.  The story flowed effortlessly, and the actions and reactions were organic and seamless.  

Cocky Butler exceeded all my expectations.  This is a love story with grit, determination, and purpose.   It is all-encompassing,  sweetly romantic, and quietly passionate.  I couldn’t wait to read Cocky Butler, and I did not want this journey with the gents to end, but what a way to go!  The novel had a brilliantly executed plot, lively characters, and an emotional purpose.  I couldn’t think of a better finale for an outstanding series!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book from the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: September 14, 2021

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