The Brazen Bluestocking by Tracy Sumner


The Brazen Bluestocking is a fun romp about a stubborn, unique lady and an underworld king who find love in the most unlikely places.  The story weaves a tale of opposites attracting, so much so that they ignite the page!  Readers will enjoy these stand-out characters and eye-catching plot.

Lady Hildegard Templeton is an impoverished Earl’s daughter that has committed the biggest sin in the aristocracy; she works and is unmarried.  Hildy establishes a business that assists debutantes in finding suitable husbands.  Hildy has spunk and determination.  I admire that Hildy has worked endlessly to make others happy; she has given up on love for herself.

Tobias Streeter is the King Of The Underworld when it comes to money and power.  Tobias has fought and scratched his way from a penniless illegitimate son of a viscount to one of the richest men in London.  Tobias’s grit and determination define him as unforgettable.  He has much against him, but he perseveres to the consternation of the people who wish him put in his place.  Tobias seeks an aristocratic bride to further his business endeavors and for revenge.  He matches wits with Hildy and finds a worthy opponent that is smart and beautiful.

The couple has low expectations; however, they find instant, fiery attraction both physically and intellectually.  I enjoyed the intelligent flirting as much as the sensual attraction.  Tobias and Hildy have an explosive first encounter just by talking.  Their passion is driven as much by words as by action, which excels their more intimate moments.  This couple could melt the page just with their words.  I enjoyed how the couple fought the burgeoning, undeniable love, dragging their feet at every romantic step.  The couple was compelling and delivered a clever, swoon-worthy love story.

The Brazen Bluestocking is a bright, brilliant beginning to The Duchess Society series.  The prequel, The Ice Duchess, sets the stage, and I recommend starting with this fantastic novella.  I enjoyed the uniqueness of the plot having a working, intelligent woman and a common, somewhat shady working-class magnate.  This wasn’t a wallflower and rake tale, and it is because of this that I thought the book was ingenious and original.  Read this book; you will not regret submersing yourself in an energetic, intelligent, passionate romance!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: September 30, 2021

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