All Rogues Lead To Ruin by Jemma Frost


All Rogues Lead To Ruin is a fresh, sensual, and captivating new spin in a genre riddled with titles and wallflowers.  The story spans the rookeries to the countryside; from a gently bred young lady who aspires to write books to a criminal wanting to better himself.  The writing is deliberate, the characters are stunning, and the plot development was perfection.

Hazel Taylor escapes the countryside and her sisters to pursue her dreams of writing children books in Victorian Manchester.  Jonathan Travers has grown up hard in the rookeries, becoming a debt collector for a crime boss.  Both of the main characters want to better their circumstances and both have tragedies in their past.  Hazel’s tenacity and spirit leaps off the page.  She is such a lovely, bright character.  Jonathan, while formidable and intimidating, has such a warm heart and gentle spirit.  Forced into a life of crime, he hopes to better himself and protect his younger brother from the harsh life he has led.  Both Jonathan and Hazel’s characters sparkled and were memorable.

The couple’s physical and emotional connections are urgent and elemental.  The sparks fly from the page of this swoon-worthy romance.  The plot was driven by relatable, believable characters.  Jonathan and Hazel were both beautifully flawed and genuinely honest.  My attention never faltered in this steamy, loving, romantic journey.  This is a story of opposites attracting and finding their happily-ever-after by compromise and love.  All Rogues Lead To Ruin is the first book in The Garden Girls series.  This novel is a undeniably splendid beginning to a promising series.  Jonathan and Hazel’s love story resonated with me and by the end I had discovered a fantastic, soulful, sensual read.  I whole-heartedly recommend this novel to anyone out there that likes pulling for a happy ending for the underdog!  I was captured by the spark in this book and will not soon forget it!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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