Daring The Duke by Charlie Lane


What a way to start a series!  Daring the Duke is everything you want in an introductory book.  This novel is full of sass, fun, and passion.  The characters are refreshing, the backdrops are beautiful, and the plot demands your attention.  I found myself smiling throughout the book.

Each character was lovingly written with flair and love.  Arthur, the Duke of Collingford, demands perfection in every aspect of his life.  This includes finding a Duchess.  At first, Arthur seemed uptight and frigid.  However, with the right woman, his personality and warmth shone.  Unfortunately, this woman that opens his heart is far from perfection.  I enjoyed reading Arthur’s journey from striving for the impossible to embracing the joy of life.  Lady Tabitha Hampton has a brilliant mind that constantly gets her into trouble.  Arthur is the solution to all her problems.  Tabitha is convinced she can mold herself into the perfect Duchess.  Tabitha has to change herself and, in attempting so, fundamentally loses her identity and happiness.  Tabitha’s determination and strength are remarkable.

The plot focuses on the couple going on a journey of self-discovery together.  Arthur and Tabitha find that only by freeing yourself can you find love and happiness.  Arthur and Tabitha go from enemies to friends to finding unconditional love.  The plot takes us on the journey at the perfect pace.  The story unfolds brilliantly, allowing the romance and passion to develop naturally.  The connection between Arthur and Tabitha scorches the page; their desire is elemental.  The dynamics of the couple captures and fascinates.

Daring The Duke is the brilliant beginning of the Debutante Dares series.  This novel creates a world full of interesting characters whose stories I can’t wait to read.  I was enamored with Arthur and Tabitha and just as much with the couple’s friends and family.  I was enchanted in the first chapter, which unfolds in a way that is sharp-witted and humorous.  Charlie Lane has created a joyful, loving story full of heart.  I cannot wait to read more of these beautiful books!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

Release Date: October 7, 2021

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