A Sword To Be Sheathed by Darcy Armstrong


An incandescent, romantic tale of healing, self-discovery, and love is showcased in A Sword To Be Sheathed.  Breathtakingly romantic at its heart, this love story enchants the reader.  This novel is Scottish Medieval Romance at its best.

It is an instant attraction when Tavish MacWilliam and Ismay Geddes accidentally meet.  Tavish is the epitome of the flawless soldier.  Ismay has worked hard to have a responsible role in service at the castle.  Through a cruel twist of misfortune, Tavish is catastrophically injured, and Ismay is asked to help in his recovery.  Tavish is destroyed, not knowing what to do with himself.  Ismay has sworn never to love a soldier.  The two bring the best out in each other, and they discover that with love, they can become who they are truly meant to be.

Tavish, in all his perfection, is flawed.  He will never measure up to his ancestor’s expectations; until he realizes he must live for his own joy.  Tavish’s journey from anger to despair to acceptance of his injury is exquisite.  His ability to take something tragic and make it beautiful is awe-inspiring.  Ismay is such a relatable character.  She is a practical, hard worker who loves her family. However, Ismay is lonely.  Against her better judgment, Ismay falls hopelessly in love with Tavish.  It is Ismay’s strength, and fortitude that re-shapes and gives new meaning to Tavish’s life.  I believe it is love at first sight for the couple.  The passion they share was breathtaking in its feeling of intimacy and love.  Tavish and Ismay are perfect for each other, each lending strength and loyalty.  Their love story was epic in its breadth and sweeping in its all-consuming passion. The love story transcended the boundaries of a historical romance.

The novel was, first and foremost, a fascinating love story.  The plot unfolded perfectly, allowing the reader time to acquaint themselves with the characters before the action occurs.  The main characters were written with care and love.  The story flowed well, and the transitions were effortless.  A Sword To Be Sheathed is the fourth book in The Legacy Of The Laird series.  I have adored each book in this series, and this novel shone as bright as the others, if not more so.  Darcy Armstrong weaves a story full of drama, excitement, love, and heart.  I fell in love with Tavish and Ismay, and I think you will too!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through BookSirens.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: September 24, 2021

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