All Rogues Lead To Ruin by Jemma Frost Release Week Tour!

Hello, fellow romance lovers! Today we are celebrating the release week of All Rogues Lead To Ruin by Jemma Frost. I adored this book! Below you will find my review, blurbs, an excerpt, buy and info links, and author bio and links. So if you are looking for a new, exciting read…look no further!

Happy Release Day!

A bookish dreamer…

Hazel Taylor longs to leave behind the painful memories of her country home. When an opportunity arises to work in Victorian Manchester as a librarian while providing a chance to finish writing her children’s book, she takes the leap of faith and goes — much to the dismay of her sisters. But can she ever travel far enough to outrun the traumatic past that haunts her?

A determined rogue…

Jonathan Travers hates his job. As a debt collector for a notorious gang leader, he’s ready to leave that life behind. But his plan of transforming an old building into a safe haven for the poor people of Devil’s Haven is taking longer than expected. And he’s starting to wonder if he’ll ever be able to break free — until a little blonde librarian shows up in the rookery.

Will her faith in him be the catalyst he needs to believe in himself or will her own demons destroy them both?

Content Warning: This book contains high steam and cursing.

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““Why are you doing this for me?”

“It’s not for you,” he denied, avoiding her gaze. “It’s for my brother and all the other little vagabonds who prefer to spend their school break listening to you rather than go home. It’d break their hearts to see you harmed. This space was sitting here empty, so you might as well put it to good use since you’ve decided to risk yourself coming back.” He tugged on the sleeve of his jacket in discomfort before shoving fidgety hands into his pockets.

A small grin tugged on her mouth at his explanation. She doubted he’d ever admit to actually caring about the welfare of those vagabonds despite actively trying to create a safe place for their families to live. Peter’s summary of what Mr. Travers hoped this building would become flashed in her mind.

What an enigma you are.

Edging closer to join him near the doorway, she said, “Well, whatever your reason, I thank you, and I’m sure the children will be grateful.” Rising to her toes on impulse, she placed a hand on his shoulder before kissing his stubbled cheek. The peck intended to be innocent — a gesture of gratitude — yet she found herself lingering, enjoying the proximity to him.

“Miss Taylor…” A warning. His hot breath sent a shiver down her body, and suddenly she ached to know what a real kiss from him would feel like. All her previous excuses for denying such sinful urges flying out the window. A reckless longing flitted through her body. A need to know for herself.

If I dare…

Slowly, afraid that he’d break the moment and ruin her chance, Hazel drew her cheek along his until their mouths met, a delicate brushing of lips, before she pressed more firmly into him.”

My Review


All Rogues Lead To Ruin is a fresh, sensual, and captivating new spin in a genre riddled with titles and wallflowers.  The story spans the rookeries to the countryside; from a gently bred young lady who aspires to write books to a criminal wanting to better himself.  The writing is deliberate, the characters are stunning, and the plot development was perfection.

Hazel Taylor escapes the countryside and her sisters to pursue her dreams of writing children books in Victorian Manchester.  Jonathan Travers has grown up hard in the rookeries, becoming a debt collector for a crime boss.  Both of the main characters want to better their circumstances and both have tragedies in their past.  Hazel’s tenacity and spirit leaps off the page.  She is such a lovely, bright character.  Jonathan, while formidable and intimidating, has such a warm heart and gentle spirit.  Forced into a life of crime, he hopes to better himself and protect his younger brother from the harsh life he has led.  Both Jonathan and Hazel’s characters sparkled and were memorable.

The couple’s physical and emotional connections are urgent and elemental.  The sparks fly from the page of this swoon-worthy romance.  The plot was driven by relatable, believable characters.  Jonathan and Hazel were both beautifully flawed and genuinely honest.  My attention never faltered in this steamy, loving, romantic journey.  This is a story of opposites attracting and finding their happily-ever-after by compromise and love.  All Rogues Lead To Ruin is the first book in The Garden Girls series.  This novel is a undeniably splendid beginning to a promising series.  Jonathan and Hazel’s love story resonated with me and by the end I had discovered a fantastic, soulful, sensual read.  I whole-heartedly recommend this novel to anyone out there that likes pulling for a happy ending for the underdog!  I was captured by the spark in this book and will not soon forget it!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own

Author Bio

Jemma Frost grew up in the Midwest where she visited the library every day and read romance novels voraciously! Now, she lives in North Carolina with her cat, Spencer, and dreams of stories to be written!

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