Lord Tristram’s Love Match by R R Vane


Lord Tristram’s Love Match is a tale of two individuals hopelessly in love that find themselves in an untenable situation through treachery and misdirection.  Only their fierce, unrelenting love can begin to mend their heartache and pain.  This is a story of second chances mixed with dishonesty, intrigue, and searing passion.

Tristram and Judith’s marriage starts on unsure footing.  The couple does not communicate their feelings and is led astray by outlying circumstances and insecurities.  After a long separation and Judith’s attempts at annulment, Tristram returns to Judith with vengeance in his heart.  Tristram is full of anger and hurt towards the woman he unconditionally loves.  Even through everything Judith has put Tristram through, he still tries to protect her.  Tristram is infuriated and infatuated simultaneously.  Judith has allowed insecurity to direct her decisions and is easily led astray by those she loves.  She is blind to the machinations of those close to her.  Judith’s naivety was outrageous, but once her eyes were open, she became Tristram’s stolid defender and lover.  

There are many moving parts to the plot.  There is time jumping from past to present throughout the entirety of the book.  Though usually, I’m not too fond of non-linear time frames, this one was well implemented.  The plot was intricate and kept my attention.  The relationship between Tristram and Judith is complicated, to put it mildly.  The couple’s emotions and actions mature naturally as the plot unfolds.  The journey of Tristram and Judith is fiery passionate, and their happy ending was well devised and satisfying.  Lord Tristram’s Love Match is the third book in Her Stern Husband series.  Tristram and Judith go through a gambit of emotions but finally find love and happiness.  This was an entertaining, captivating read.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through BookSprout.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: September 30, 2021

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