Her Wild White by Tammy Andresen


Her Wild White is the brother I have anxiously been waiting for!  I have been looking forward to Sayden’s story since he was introduced.  Sayden and Samantha are both free spirits, unconventional, and damaged.  Both Sayden and Sam are searching for something to fill the void in their hearts; they never thought the key would be unconditional love with the perfect person.

Of all the untamed Whites, Sayden “Satan” White is the wildest of them.  Sayden has earned his nickname.  However, once you get past the rough edges, you find a lost soul needing comfort, support, and love.  Sayden’s vulnerability stood out.  Sayden had many dimensions and was a charismatic, outstanding character.

Miss Samantha Longnook is independent and refuses to let any man tie her down in marriage.  A bluestocking through and through, Sam’s intelligence shines.  I loved her independent nature.  Sam holds her own against Sayden’s strong personality, proving the perfect match to complete him.  Sam learns that independence and love can coexist, that you can give your heart and still be free. 

Sayden and Sam’s connection is sizzling and gets more so the longer they fight it.  I love how the couple becomes a team, supporting each other.  Sayden and Sam are passionate, intelligent, and in need of support.  Learning to support and bolster each other takes them to great heights of passion and love.

Her Wild White is the fifth book in the Dark Duke’s Legacy series.  The series focuses on wild, intelligent, sexy individuals who find their perfect match.  Sayden and Sam’s story is my favorite.  The plot moved quickly, and I couldn’t stop reading.  The book captured my interest in the first chapter.  The writing was intelligent and sensual.  Her Wild White raises the bar higher in this fantastic series.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: October 12, 2021

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