Captured By The Earl by Melanie Rose Clarke


Captured By The Earl is a heart-racing, romantic thrill of a novel.  Philip and Emma’s journey is fraught with danger, secrets, and passion that makes for an entertaining, eye-catching read.

Philip returns home to London to find himself betrothed to Emma, a woman he barely knows.  Emma accidentally starts a betrothal rumor and quickly discovers the benefits it provides.  She helps support her social change agenda by talking to Lords under the guise of Philip’s support.  When the two meet, sparks fly, and Philip decides this betrothal might prove to be something he desires.

Both Philip and Emma hide important secrets and hide those secrets well.  Philip has been in love before and vows safety over love.  Philip is strong, brave, and domineering, hidden behind the façade of a spoiled earl.  Philip engages in clandestine missions.  Emma’s passion is for those less fortunate, and she works tirelessly for social change, using any advantage she can find.  Emma longs for a love match to a deserving man who holds similar beliefs.  Emma participates in a secret society for those less fortunate.  Philip and Emma’s passion ignites the page, yet all the secrets put a wedge between them.  They must learn the most important lesson of trust if their love will work out.

The plot was enchanting!  I was laughing throughout and was also entertained by the action.  The story raced and the banter between the two main characters was spot-on.  My attention never waned.  Philip and Emma were a perfect match, even if it took a while for them to realize.  The secondary characters added depth to the story telling.  It took a little too long for Emma to solve the big mystery, but the story was too much fun for that to be a negative factor.  Captured By The Earl is the second book in The Secret Crusaders series.  This fun book left me smiling.  Melanie Rose Clarke has created an imaginative, thrilling, passionate book you will not want to miss, even in the Arctic, the far part!  I laughed and smiled at this fascinating journey into secrets identities, false pretenses, and heart-warming romance.  

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

Release Date: October 14, 2021

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