Once Upon A Devastatingly Sweet Kiss by Bree Wolf


Once Upon A Devastatingly Sweet Kiss is simply a sweet, romantic treat.  This slow-burn tale of opposites attracts delights and enchants the reader.

To call Lady Harriet “Harry” Beaumont a free spirit, is an understatement.  She goes and does whatever she wants whenever she wants.  Harry’s family has given her free reign in her life, not wanting to crush her vitality.  Harry is an unforgettable character.  She has color and a zest for life that is contagious.  Harry also has an open, giving heart, wanting to help and heal broken things.  

Bradley Jackson, the Duke of Clements, or “Jack,” as Harry calls him, is a lost soul.  Due to family tragedy and being ignored by his father, Bradley has closed himself off, impervious to emotion.  Bradley strives to keep his world ordered and peaceful.  Bradley is a tragic figure, lonely and heartbroken, but he doesn’t allow himself to feel any of these emotions.  However, Bradley has a spark of hidden spirit and adventure in him if he could unlock it.  Although cold and shut off, I felt there were many facets to Bradley that made him a fascinating character.

When “sweet Jack” meets “the red-haired hellion,” as they call one another, both their worlds get turned upside down.  Harry wants to support and heal Bradley.  Bradley fears Harry due to the emotions that threaten to overwhelm him whenever Harry is near.  These are two lost souls who need love’s healing and freeing power but do not realize it.  The couple’s connection is sweet and powerful.  The passion emerges slowly from camaraderie to burgeoning romance to life-changing love.  The couple sparkled and stood out; their romantic journey was unique and memorable.

This was a slow-burn story, with much of the plot occurring between the couple in the same location.  Instead of being repetitive, we get to experience watching the couple’s unique romance evolve as the two slowly get acquainted and grow emotionally.  I appreciated that the obstacles the couple faced were not neatly resolved in one paragraph.  It takes the complete journey through the book for the couple to discover compatibility, compromise, and happiness.  The secondary characters were vivid and complimented the plot.  The match-making grandmother stood out.  Once Upon A Devastatingly Sweet Kiss is the fourth book in the Whickertons In Love series. This story is enchanting.  I was captivated on every page and did not want Bradley and Harry’s story to end.  I was invested throughout this lovingly written, decadent, beautiful love story.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.        

Release Date: October 14, 2021

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