Christmas On Scandal Lane by Lauren Smith, Dawn Brower, Tabetha Waite, Nadine Millard, and Anna St. Claire

Overall – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Christmas On Scandal Lane is a special, romantic treat that is a delight to read.  Each of these captivating stories enchanted me.

Waltzing In The Snow by Lauren Smith


Arianna has loved Derrick, her brother’s estranged best friend, since childhood.  Fate brings the couple back together for Christmas.  Derrick has been hurt, but he learns that Arianna’s love can help heal a broken heart.  The plot was a beautiful journey through loss and rediscovering joy.  The Christmas house party gave a festive feeling to the story.  There was a sense of family, home, and hope in the novella.  This was a happy journey of forgiveness and love’s healing power.  There were several characters introduced in this story whose stories I hope to read in the future.

Once You Love A Scoundrel by Dawn Brower


I enjoyed Daniel and Iris’s story.  However, I felt it was abrupt at times.  I liked the push and pull between the characters.  The connection and passion between the couple were undeniable.  I was confused regarding Daniel’s past; it is not fully explained.  The ending was terrific, yet it concluded quickly and suddenly.  The love story between Daniel and Iris was tumultuous, and yet there was a gentle quality to the story.  This is a dramatic, romantic journey through a couple’s pain and misunderstanding that leads to redemption and love.  

A Jolly Little Scandal by Tabetha Waite


I believe this novella could be the beginning of a fantastic new series.  There are four very opinionated, very independent Bevelstroke sisters.  Raise to defy the expectations of the ton; these ladies vow to stick together and never marry.  That is until a confident Earl of Somers appears on the scene and steals Araminta Belvelstroke’s heart.  Greyson sets his sights on Araminta and will let nothing get in his way of the goal of marriage to the lovely, aggravating lady.  Araminta craves only freedom, not love.  She is fiercely independent, but she must come to terms with the idea that love isn’t sacrificing but a gift.  The characters are vibrant, especially the sisters.  The plot was engaging and entertaining, capturing my attention.  I enjoyed this Christmas excursion and anxiously await the next installment!

Scandal In The Snow by Nadine Millard


Alexander and Olivia’s story is a misunderstanding between enemies who finally realize it is love that unites them.  Alexander and Olivia have pulled pranks and insulted each other their whole lives.  The couple finds that this kind of passion can quickly turn into the soul-searing romantic kind.  Through trying to save her sister from ruin, Olivia finds herself in trouble.  This novella is a delightful enemies-to-lovers story set in the backdrop of Christmas.  Although the couple can be pretty hateful, their connection turns fiery.  I felt the attraction sizzling off the page.  The plot was engaging, and the characters were vivid and memorable.  A great addition to this anthology!

Scandal Beneath The Stars by Anna St. Claire


This was the most well-developed, involved novella in the collection.  Slade and Bella’s story had mystery and romance all during the Christmas season.  Although a romance at heart, there was an interesting secondary story involving a tragedy in Slade’s family.  Slade is trying to solve a crime that hurt his family while trying to woo Bella.  Bella is sweet, innocent, and lively.  Slade is adventurous, brave, and hopelessly in love with Bella.  The couple exhibits a sweet, heart-warming romance that creates a Christmas love story.  The plot was multifaceted and intriguing.  The characters were vivid.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story, a fantastic ending to an excellent anthology!


As a whole, the writing in these novellas was excellent.  Every character was memorable.  The plots were all good. However, some were better developed than others.  A couple of these novellas were too brief for my preference; I liked these plots so well, I wanted more!  All of these stories used the backdrop of Scandal Lane in unique and different ways.  The writing was clever, and it was apparent much love was put into each of these sparkling, romantic stories.  This was a fantastic way to get into the holiday season.  Look no further for an amazing escape into a romance!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: November 9, 2021

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