Duke Of Madness by Jennifer Monroe


Duke Of Madness is a promising start to a new, intriguing series.  Full of drama and romance, this novel caught my attention and held me captivated throughout the entirety of the story.  This group of young ladies at the same school creates a bond that follows them throughout their lives.  The first installment is Matthew and Julia’s story.

Matthew Colburn, 5th duke of Elmhurst, has lived in the shadow of his father’s failing mind and his descent into emotional instability.  Matthew fears becoming like his father, and all his decisions are based on these fears, bolstered by his nefarious uncle.  Matthew has faith in objects rather than himself.  He is a complicated, profoundly feeling man who needs a strong woman to realize his greatness and support his decisions.

Miss Julia Wallace, a young lady on the cusp of womanhood, runs into Matthew.  Through a series of scheming and fate, Matthew and Julia are thrown together.  Julia has such a strong moral compass and compassionate heart.  I loved how she saw Matthew as the great duke he was.  Julia’s tenacity and support of Matthew can change everything if only Matthew is willing to leap.

Matthew and Julia bring out the best in each other.  Both are under the subjugation of their family members.  His passive-aggressive uncle controls Matthew.  Julia’s despot of a father has the ability to marry her off into a loveless marriage at his whim.  Together the couple finds peace and independence.  Matthew and Julia’s romance is sweet and endearing.  I rooted for their happily-ever-after.

I enjoyed the writing style and flair the story had.  The dialogue was descriptive, and the characters were vividly captivating.  The secondary characters enriched and moved the plot along at a quick pace.  Both Matthew and Julia were naïve. However, their innocent outlook on life was heartwarming and memorable.

Duke of Madness is the first book in The Sisterhood Of Secrets series.  Much great world-building happened in this story.  Each book will focus on a different girl at the same finishing school.  This group of young ladies led by their headmistress form an unbreakable bond, and I loved how each individual was introduced in this story.  I am excited to read the other girl’s stories.  This story captivated me, and Matthew and Julia resonated with me on an elemental level.  Jennifer Monroe delivers a fresh, sweetly romantic journey of two unsure people who find their place within each other’s arms.  A grand story that enchants and entertains!  

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.    

Release Date: November 4, 2021

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