Lord Scot by Jade Lee


I have been eagerly awaiting Liam and Clara’s story since they were introduced in Lord Ares.  Full of excitement, adventure, and romance, Lord Scot is a journey you will not want to miss!  This story contained all the ingredients that make for an unforgettable read!

Although duplicitous and sneaky at times, I couldn’t help but love Liam.  Liam would do anything for his clan, including marrying an English woman with a large dowry to help save his poverty-stricken land.  Liam breaks all the rules to gain Clara. However, it is his respect and love for Clara that pulled at my heart.

Clara, although brilliant, is flighty and inconsiderate in an oblivious way.  Clara is easily distracted and is adamant that she will never marry.  Clara doesn’t trust her feelings for Liam and is frightened to open herself to his unconditional love.  Clara can be selfish and single-minded, but deep down, she has a heart capable of unlimited love.

The couple has a rocky start, but Liam never gives up.  The dynamic between the couple is beautiful.  Liam is attentive to Clara’s every need and anticipates her desires.  Liam places Clara’s thoughts and feelings before his.  Liam is not ashamed of his feelings for Clara and declares them often.  Reading about a man that is confident in his emotions was refreshing.  I loved how the connection between the couple evolves throughout the story.  The attraction is evident in the first chapter, the passion is fiery, and the developed love is tremendously romantic.

This plot was cleverly written to showcase both characters’ strengths and weaknesses.  The story was intimate and complex.  I was pulled in from the first page.  The background of Scotland was breathtaking.  The secondary characters enriched the plot.  This novel not only moved quickly, but it also flowed perfectly.  Lord Scot is both a continuation of The Lords Of The Masquerade series and the start of the Always A Scot series.  Lord Scot resonated with me on an intellectual and romantic level.  Clara’s search for a balance between independence and commitment was realistic and took the book’s entirety to resolve.  She had to learn that giving yourself to another person does not diminish yourself.  Liam’s straightforward declarations of love were heart-warming and swoon-worthy.  I felt Clara’s epiphany about her relationship with Liam was rushed at the conclusion. However, it was executed lovingly and organically.  Lord Scot was well worth the wait!  I am curious to see where this new series leads.  Jade Lee again breathes life into a magical, enthralling romance that enchants the reader.  This is a must-read!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Release Date: October 29, 2021

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