His White Wager by Tammy Andresen


This series is never a disappointment, and His White Wager is another jewel of a story!  I thought nothing could top Her Wild White. However, this story was just as captivating and romantic!

Several mysteries have been a constant throughout the entirety of this series; the mystery of R. White is solved here.  Rebecca has lived in the rookeries her entire life, scrapping to get by.  She loves her mother and stepfather and is trying to keep their shop open.  Not one for rules; Rebecca is just as comfortable in an illegal fighting den as a dress shop.  Rebecca is fierce and independent.  I loved her spirit.  Jacob Veritas, the White’s lawyer, upholds the same laws Rebecca is inclined to break.  Jacob is moral and giving; he has a tragic past, but Rebecca breaks away the walls of doubt.

The White family, as always, plays a rambunctious part in the story.  We get to see Justice and Sayden again, my two favorite White brothers!  The brothers bring their sort of havoc and levity, but having them being  Rebecca’s introduction to the family was brilliant.  Rebecca connected with Justice and Sayden on a certain level.  The backdrops and secondary characters are exquisitely written, giving richness to the story.

The plot was decisive and got into the heart of the story quickly.  The plot flowed well, and the writing was crisp and refreshing.  His White Wager is the sixth book in the Dark Duke’s Legacy series.  I have delighted in each book.  Every entry in this lovely series adds to the breathtaking world building.  Jacob and Rebecca’s passionate love story will leave you breathless, smiling, and wanting more.  Tammy Andresen has delivered a smart, sexy adventure sure to keep you up late reading!  

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: November 9, 2021

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