The Rogue Who Stole Christmas by Annabelle Anders, Sophie Barnes, Dawn Brower, Alyssa Drake, and Amanda Mariel


The Rogue Who Stole Christmas is an exciting, romantic, joyous journey of five rakes who discover that love from the proper lady changes everything.

The Reliable Rogue by Annabelle Anders


Jack and Delia’s story is delightful!  Full of charisma and romance, this story will warm your heart!  Both Jack and Delia are exciting, descriptive characters, and the plot is intelligent and passionate.  Annabelle Anders is a favorite author of mine, and this adjacent story to Regency Cocky Gents is one you don’t want to miss!

The Roguish Baron by Sophie Barnes


I enjoyed Jack’s story of redemption.  Sophia was an endearing, relatable character, pining for a man that doesn’t realize what he is about to lose.  Jack and Sophia’s journey has many obstacles. However, these challenges make the couple more vital and more secure in their love.  The detail of the house party was exceptional.  The final scene was grandiose and romantic.  Jack and Sophia’s romance is sublime!

 The Rake Who Loves Me by Dawn Brower


Zachariah and Violet’s story was hinted at in another short story by Brower.  Violet’s story happens in tandem with her sister’s Iris’s story.  I enjoyed this story due to reading about Violet in a previous story and was curious.  Zachariah is a rake of the worst kind.  Sworn never to love or marry, he finds himself instantly drawn to Violet.  Violet has insecurities and trust issues; she must decide if Zachariah is worth the risk.  Together the couple discovers a romantic, passionate love during a season of hope.  This story was delightful; although abrupt at times, it made me smile!

An Imperfect Introduction by Alyssa Drake


I felt that this novella would have been easier to understand if I had read the previous books.  The entirety of the story is from Wilhelmina’s point of view.  I would have loved to know what Edward was thinking.  However, not knowing Edward’s thoughts led to a suspenseful journey; I continually guessed what Edward would do next.  I enjoyed Wilhelmina as a character; she is controlled by those around her but has a giving heart and fierce spirit.  I will be reading more from this author to fully understand the family and how this novella fits into the complete scheme. 

Rogue Of My Heart by Amanda Mariel


This was my favorite novella in the collection.  I loved the romance between Jasper and Celia.  There was a sweetness to the story, especially through the passionate scenes.  Some of the stories are told in flashbacks, which gives a well-developed feel for a short story.  Jasper and Celia were excellent, lovable characters.   This is a Christmas story with heart which I enjoyed immensely!


I enjoyed each enthralling, diverse story in this collection.  All were cleverly, lovingly written with dramatic style and eye-catching dialogue.  These are all Christmas stories of redemption and the healing power of love.  Each novella had an intelligent,  loving lady accomplishing the impossible – changing a rogue’s heart.  A delight to read!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Booksprout.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: November 9, 2021

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