King Of Rogues by Sasha Cottman


As endings go, I could not imagine a more magnificent conclusion to The Rogues Of The Road than King Of Rogues.  This novel delivers an intense battle of wills romance with dramatic flair and a touch of humor.  As sad as I am that this excellent series is ending, I am ecstatic that it finished on such a high note.

Andrew McNeal, the Duke of Monsale, has been the most enigmatic, fascinating member of the Rogues.  Monsale has had a colorful, dangerous, and somewhat shady life.  Not all of his business pursuits are on the up and up.  He keeps everyone at a distance, even his best friends.  Untrusting and cynical, Monsale finds himself in the untenable position of being forced to marry.  Monsale is a complex, fascinating, charismatic character that leaps off the page.  Unwillingly placed in the spotlight, Monsale steals every scene.

I knew it would take a fierce, loving, independent woman to capture Monsale’s, locked-away heart.  Lady Naomi Steele possessed these attributes in spades.  Naomi goes toe-to-toe with Monsale, never shying away from her emotions and demanding his total attention.  Nothing but Monsale’s unconditional love will satisfy Naomi.  Naomi, as a character, is perfection.  Naomi is Monsale’s perfect match in every way.

The couple’s cat and mouse game is riveting.  There is a perfect balance between angst and passion.  Each interaction between Monsale and Naomi is entertaining and captures the reader’s attention.  The couple’s chemistry is off-the-charts, and their scenes together are sublime.

The plot was original and eye-catching, riddled with emotion, intrigue, and a touch of mystery and humor.  The storyline had a push and pull between the main characters that seemed natural.  The story was perfectly paced and written with love and attention to detail.  There were many standout scenes, my favorite being the dinner party with bride candidate number two.  This scene showed a levity in Monsale that added even more depth to his character.

King Of Rogues is the fifth and final installment of The Rogues Of The Road.  Each friend’s story added excitement and depth to a beautifully well-crafted world.  I enjoyed every friend’s story. However, Monsale’s story was the crowning achievement.  I could not imagine a more perfect way to conclude a magnificent, enthralling series.  King Of Rogues demands your attention on page one and leaves you breathless by the end.  Monsale and Naomi’s journey is a rocky, sweeping love story that is the pinnacle of farewell and happily-ever-afters for all the Rogues.  I didn’t want this story to end, but it concluded on the highest note.  Sasha Cottman has outdone herself, creating a finale of a story that is unforgettable!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: November 9, 2021

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