Highland Champion by Cynthia Breeding


Highland Champion is the third book in the Children Of The Mist series, which focuses on the MacGregor and Caldwell families.  Lorelei Caldwell’s two sisters have found love with the MacGregor brothers.  Lorelei is drawn to Alasdair MacGregor but flees with Alasdair’s sister to London to enjoy the season and the freedom from her family.  Alasdair finds himself in London trying to navigate land disputes and wooing Lorelei simultaneously.  All does not go well for Alasdair.

Lorelei craves independence but is naïve in matters of her safety.  There is a battle of wills between Lorelei and Alasdair throughout the entirety of the book.  After much subterfuge, the two must weather the storm of scandal to find their happily ever after.  Alasdair finds himself in impossible situations time and time again.  Alasdair is honorable and understands his duty to his clan.

Both characters are rich and multi-faceted.  The couple’s scenes together are fiery.  I would have liked more scenes with the two of them together.  There were times where the couple circled each other too much.  When together, Alasdair and Lorelei’s connection was electric and passionate.  I enjoyed all the secondary characters; they were all well developed.  The background descriptions were vivid.

This is a slow-burn novel.  There is much posturing and misdirection, yet the story flows well, if at a slower pace.  The last fifty percent of the book moved much faster, and all of the action occurred here.  I thought the ending was enjoyable and fulfilling.  I would have liked more insight into Alasdair and Lorelei’s future, but I guess we will be seeing more of them in future novels.

All in all, this was an intriguing book that kept my interest.  I like my romance novels to move at a faster pace. However, the plot always had depth, and the writing was beautiful.  Cynthia Breeding has created another excellent book that pulls at your heartstrings.  Highland Champion is full of spirit and romance.  Another superb addition to an enchanting series.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.    

Release Date: November 15, 2021

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