Lachlann’s Legacy by Ashley York


The beautiful cover and blurb from Lachlann’s Legacy drew me to the book instantly.  However, the novel fell short of being outstanding.  The description of the Moray Coast was stunning, and the premise of the story was intriguing.  I loved Lachlann’s character; he is a warrior with a big heart.  I also enjoyed reading about the relationship between Lachlan and his two friends who undertake this journey together.  The three warriors are on a clandestine treasure hunt.  This hunt should have been the focal point of the book. However, other issues kept getting in the way.

As much as I liked Lachlann, I couldn’t connect with Ethne.  Ethne was resourceful and headstrong,  yet she kept making the same impulsive, wrong decisions repeatedly.  Ethne’s family is part of a violent religion that deals in violence and questionable practices.  The treatment of women in this group was appalling.  Ethne was a strong character and well developed; she did not shine enough.

The main focus of the plot was the hunt for treasure in the caves on the coast.  There wasn’t much of that; instead, there was a lot of Ethne placing herself in danger and Lachlann rescuing her.  It was frustrating because the couple kept making the same poor choices.   I would have liked more focus on the three warriors and their journey.

The story had intense, memorable moments. However, I felt I was reading in circles at times.  The conclusion ended abruptly with a lot left unresolved.  It did open the door for the other warrior’s stories, which intrigued me.   I feel the story’s foundation is sound and that the other upcoming books will develop better, building on the vivid sections of this book.  Lachlann’s Legacy is the first book in The Order Of The Scottish Thistle.  This novel had more potential than it gave, but I hope that the following two books will build momentum and clarity to become fantastic reads.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: November 15 2021

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