A Wrong To Set Right by Darcy Armstrong


I have been enchanted with all the books in this excellent series; A Wrong To Set Right exceeds all my expectations!  This is a story of two people intertwined by the cruelty of war that finds redemption, hope, and love.  The story is crisp, vivid, and romantic.  The writing is superb.  Darcy Armstrong can accurately capture the visceral feeling of a longing look or the sensation of a brush of fingers with her dialogue.  

Paislee McNair is a widow with a daughter who owns a farm fraught with trouble.  Ewan Abercrombie is a soldier with a secret who vows his sword to protect Paislee.  Paislee’s neighbors use violent methods to attack her farm, and she agrees to allow Ewan to assist.

The action and struggle between the farms are intense.  This urgency set a rapid pace for the book.  Ewan and Paislee’s love story starts rocky and tentative. However, the connection between the couple is visceral and blossoms gradually throughout the book. The quiet moments of unsure feelings and glances from the couple were the most passionate and poignant.  The culmination of the burgeoning emotions between Ewan and Paislee is sweetly romantic and heart-warming.  The secondary characters were richly written, and the descriptions of the action and backdrops made me feel fully immersed in the plot.

A Wrong To Set Right is the fifth book in the Legacy Of The Laird series.  Each of the books has been a delight to read.  Full of fierce, vulnerable men and strong, passionate women, these novels are all fantastic reads.  The quality of storytelling is excellent, and each character is crafted with loving care.  This book enchanted me; it is a fast-moving, action-packed, passionately romantic journey.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Booksprout.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: November 26, 2021

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