Twelve Lords For Christmas by Deb Marlowe, Eve Pendle, Claire Delacroix, Emmanuelle De Maupassant, Anthea Lawson, Larissa Lyons, Nadine Millard, Jane Charles, Nicole Zoltack, Sadie Bosque, Erica Taylor, and Brenda Hiatt


Twelve Lords For Christmas is a lovely collection of Christmas novellas full of romance and passion.  Each story was different from the next, each unique in its way.  Some of these novellas were light-hearted and joyful, while others were more serious and angsty.  Both types of plots interested me.  I had several five-star reviews.  These were my favorite novellas in this collection:  A Cup Of Cheer by Deb Marlowe, Joy To The World by Nicole Zoltak, The Ladies Guide To Mistletoe, And Mayhem by Emmanuelle De Maupassant, A Countess For Christmas by Anthea Lawson,  and Her Accidental Groom by Nadine Millard.  Each of these five-star stories shone brightly and stood out.  All in all, this was an excellent way to start the holiday season; a great representation of a variety of writing styles and plots.  I thoroughly enjoyed this anthology.

A Cup Of Cheer by Deb Marlowe


I loved this story of redemption and second chances.  This was a character-driven story.  Chester’s young charge stole every scene.  The festive nature in a place that needed love was beautiful to read.  

The Mistletoe Trap by Eve Pendle


Robert and Amelia’s story is a tale of second chance love.  There is past heartbreak, misunderstanding, and mistrust, yet at the magic of Christmas, anything is possible.

A Most Inconvenient Earl by Claire Delacroix


I enjoyed this festive marriage of convenience romance.  I felt the plot was well-developed for such a short story.  It moved well, and the characters were vivid.  I would have liked more focus on the main couple at the conclusion. However, there was a satisfying happy ending.  This novella was charming.

Joy To The World by Nicole Zoltack


I adored this different, romantic, suspenseful story!  There was intrigue and romance.  The plot unfolded quickly and kept my attention.  The characters were lovable, and the storyline was captivating.  Excellent!

The Ladies Guide To Mistletoe And Mayhem by Emmanuelle De Maupassant


Rye and Ursula are lovable, relatable characters.  The connection is instantaneous when the couple first meets and builds to a fever pitch.  The couple has electric chemistry that combusts off the page.  The story was exciting and enticing!

A Countess For Christmas by Anthea Lawson


What a fantastic Christmas romance!  Liam and Cecilia are two lost souls who, with unlikely help, find happiness, fulfillment, and love.  This was a sweetly romantic, swoon-worthy story!  The characters were charismatic, and the plot was heartwarming.  I loved it!

Miss Isabella Thaws A Frosty Lord by Larissa Lyons


Frost and Isabella’s story is a beautiful romance of two lost souls.  I loved how Isabella interprets the world and how Frost is wholly taken with Isabella from the first meeting.  The descriptive writing and lyrical language give the story a rich, vivid feel.  This is a gorgeous, stunning Christmas novella!

Her Accidental Groom by Nadine Millard


Ben and Natalia’s romance is a fantastic enemies-to-lovers Christmas romance.  Full of witty banter and heart-pounding kisses, this novella exceeded all my expectations.  I look forward to Nadine Millard’s stories when I see her name on an anthology!  Great read!

Christmas Spirits by Jane Charles


This story features whiskey smugglers, a widow, an earl, and a very demanding duke.  Benjamin and Mary’s romance develops well in a short time.  Their connection grows along with the journey.  There is intrigue and misdirection.  This novella caught my attention, and I loved the heart-warming, romantic ending!

To Fall For A Duke For Christmas by Sadie Bosque


I felt David was emotionally cruel to Niamh at the beginning of the story.  David’s motives are selfish and mercenary.  However, as the plot progressed, David redeemed himself.  I loved Niamh from the start; she is strong and resilient.  The ending was passionate and romantic; I enjoyed the conclusion immensely.

What If I Still Love You? By Erica Taylor


This is an intricately thoughtful story of the difficulties of finding purpose; this can be unfair and messy at times.  Hurt and heartache can be the answer when the timing is all wrong.  I thought this story was the most developed and explored brutal realities of life.  The ending, after a heart-wrenching discovery, was romantic and excellent.

Christmas Promises by Benda Hiatt


I believe that this is a prequel to Ashton and Holly’s full story.  I enjoyed the burgeoning romance between the couple; it is gradual rather than love at first sight.  I will read the rest of Ashton and Holly’s romance; however, I like the novellas I read to be self-contained.  That being said, this was a great introductory novella.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Booksprout.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

Release Date: October 19, 2021

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