The Shield Maiden’s Highlander Series by Fiona Knightley


Today I am highlighting the Shield Maiden’s Highlander by Fiona Knightley.  This ancient journey takes us from Scotland to Scandinavia.  Liv is a Viking that takes Scottish Iain as a slave.  Iain falls in love with his captor and aids the family to avenge and conquer.  Iain and Liv’s romance is rocky – full of misdirection and heartache; however, they learn that differences can benefit.  Through a difficult journey, the couple transforms from master and slave to team and lovers.  The trip is violent and exciting.  I enjoyed reading about how Iain and Liv evolve and learn to love.  In the strangest of circumstances, we can find happiness.  This was a usual read, very brief; each story averaged fifty pages.  Every installment flowed from one to the next seamlessly.  We do not conclude the last story.  I felt this was an excellent set of exciting stories and kept me wanting more.  I have included my reviews of each one below.  This is a great way to spend an afternoon!  The Shield Maiden’s Highlander has an action-packed plot, full of intrigue and passion.  Fiona Knightley has created what feels like a sweeping romance in a short, easily readable journey.


Enslaved is the entrance to a new series.  It sets the stage for the next edition.  I will not talk about the plot as it is a concise read, and anything I say will give too much away.  I will say the story kept my interest and flowed well.  The characters were well-written and intriguing.  Overall a concise but entertaining introduction to a series that could be fascinating.


Obey is the next interesting installment of The Shield Maiden’s Highlander.  This was a brief story, building upon when Liv captured Iain.  The development was good considering the brevity of the plot.  It moved well and kept my interest.  The characters are developing relationships and I am becoming invested in their well-being.  The story is well written and I look forward to the next one.


Desire is the continuing love story of Iain and Liv.  Iain is Liv’s slave, or thrall.  In this installment, the couple explore the passion that is between them.  I enjoyed how the couple started seeing past their social status to see the humanity beneath.  The characters gained much depth.  I feel that Liv’s phrasing is too modern at times.  However, I think this was the most exciting, passionate, intricate story so far!  The writing was descriptive and intelligent and the character’s journey are developing rapidly.    I enjoyed this installment immensely.


Forbidden is the continuation of The Shield Maiden’s Highlander series. Iain and Liv find themselves prisoners. There is a lot of action in this one, and the pace was fast and kept my interest. The connection between Iain and Liv increases, and the growing love between them is palpable. I enjoyed Forbidden; the characters and storyline keep evolving and become more intricate with each installment. A great addition to the series!!


Claimed is the fifth installment of The Shield Maiden’s Highlander.  This one was slightly different due to several points of view other than the two main characters.  I felt this worked well; it gave the story depth and became more character-driven.  There are a lot of characters we have previously met; however, I had a little confusion remembering who was who.  Iain and Liv’s bond grows, and Iain battles his beliefs.  This installment had great storytelling and moved quickly.  I enjoyed this one and can’t wait for the conclusion!  I am anxiously waiting to see where Iain and Liv’s romance goes and what happens to Liv’s people.  Great storytelling!


Conquered is the sixth and final installment of The Shield Maiden’s Highlander.  Iain and Liv’s story has been fraught with danger, treachery, and passion.  Starting as master and slave, Iain and Liv’s rocky, violent journey comes to a gratifying happily-ever-after.  I enjoyed this installment, and I felt it was the strongest of the six.  The story was concise yet gave the reader a good understanding of the backdrop and characters—an excellent job for a conclusion.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this series through the author. All thoughts and opinons are my own.

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