A Lady’s Heart Deceived by Sasha Cottman


Whenever I open a Sasha Cottman book, I know I will get a beautiful, engaging romance.  I have read other series by this author and loved them; this is my first journey into The Duke Of Strathmore series.  A Lady’s Heart Deceived is hauntingly passionate and breathtakingly beautiful.

Captain Piers Denford is stuck in a military office with mountains of paperwork.  Maggie Radley has been mourning her fiancé, who died at Waterloo for two years.  Piers and Maggie meet when Maggie requests assistance solving the mystery surrounding her dead fiancé.  There are many twists and stumbling blocks for our couple, but the sweetly romantic connection they forge is undeniable and ethereal in scope.  

Piers is a rock when Maggie is at her lowest; in return, Maggie is Piers’ fierce champion when dark rumors surface.  Piers’ care and dedication towards Maggie is swoon-worthy.  Maggie’s raw pain and the journey she navigates are tragic, yet Piers is there every step of the way.  Maggie is Piers’ stalwart champion when trouble finds him.  Both Piers and Maggie learn to trust and love throughout their journey.

Piers was such a refreshing character; he is brave, responsible, and caring – No rakes here!  Piers’ dedication towards Maggie is something beautiful.  Maggie has a steel core and shows her resilience.  A happily-ever-after was never more deserved than for Piers and Maggie!

I connected with the story on a visceral level.  The soul-searing pain Maggie feels combined with Piers’ unconditional, healing love resonated with me.  This is a novel I will not soon forget.  A Lady’s Heart Deceived is the ninth book in The Duke Of Strathmore series.  This story is easily read as a stand-alone novel; however, I will be going back to read the previous books.  Also, the next book is hinted at in the epilogue – I can’t wait!  Sasha Cottman is always an instant buy – I eagerly await her books.  This stand-out and fast-paced plot is combined with riveting characters and beautiful backdrops.  I always recommend Sasha Cottman’s books, this book is no exception.  This is simply put, historical romance at its best!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: December 25, 2021

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