A Scoundrel Of Her Own by Stacy Reid


I have been in a reading slump; however, A Scoundrel Of Her Own catapulted me into book lover’s heaven!  The book pulled at my heartstrings, challenged me intellectually, and steamed up the pages!  The plot is exquisite, and I will not elaborate much about it; Please turn that page breathlessly, waiting for the following sentence eagerly.  Devlin Byrne and Lady Ophelia Derby have a past.  As adults, their paths converge. However, they are very different people.  Devlin is a lord of the underworld and gaming hell owner.  Ophelia is privileged and the darling of the ton.  In this tale of forbidden love, we experience prejudice and cruelty while also feeling the joy of burgeoning love and indescribable passion. 

The characters of Devlin and Ophelia are stunning.  Devlin is my new book boyfriend!  Devlin’s ruthlessness is tempered with his fierce loyalty and love for Ophelia.  What Devlin experienced took my breath away, and I had tears during some of the snippets of his past he shared with Ophelia.  Ophelia has been raised in privilege, yet she is not tarnished by it.  Ophelia appreciates her life and is somewhat cognizant of the dichotomy between the poor and the aristocracy.  Secrets and realizations crack Ophelia’s perfect life.  The couple’s journeys throughout the novel were so organic that they seemed more like real people than characters.

The prologue was breathtaking, grabbing my attention and never letting go.  The plot moved perfectly, allowing the dialogue and characters to unfold while still keeping the reader glued to the page.  The subject matter – class difference was written with gritty determination, not shying away from the disturbing nature of the world the privileged lived in.

The couple’s connection was instant.  It was achingly sweet yet scorchingly passionate simultaneously.  Devlin and Ophelia’s love story is one I will not soon forget.  A Scoundrel Of Her Own is the third book in The Sinful Wallflowers series.  This book was understood as a stand-alone, yet I want to go back and read the previous books.  Stacy Reid has delivered a hauntingly epic romance that took my breath away.  One final word for those who have read this book…Niall and Fifi, you have stolen my heart!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: December 28, 2021

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