What I am reading and Blog Tour Teaser!

Happy Holidays fellow romance lovers!  I wanted to take the time out of this busy week to let everyone know what I am reading at this moment!  I am reading A Touch Of Romance by Paullett Golden!  It is book two in her Romantic Encounters series.  I always look forward to Paullett’s books, and I am excited to announce that I will be hosting a blog tour for A Touch Of Romance on December 31st!  As you scroll down, you will see the tour stops.  I have also included a special surprise just for you…an excerpt from the book!  The book releases on December 26th.  Be sure to check back on the 31st for the blog tour stop!  There will be all kinds of fun!  Plus, I will feature my review of A Touch Of Romance.  Have a great Christmas!  Until next time…keep reading!

A Sneak Peak!

Her name resonated in a deep voice; the sound more akin to the reverberation of a gong than spoken word. A thrill tickled down her spine.

Eyes forward, she met the gaze of her partner.


If her shoulders sagged with disappointment, she hoped no one noticed. The gentleman who held the bit of paper with her name was a tidy sort of man. Average height, average build, short-cropped brown hair, staid expression, and, oh goodness, spectacles perched on the bridge of his nose. He was exactly the sort of gentleman she might expect to find at a writers’ retreat.

Leila sighed. It would be a long afternoon.

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He took his counterpart’s measure. Her countenance spoke of someone who would rather be anywhere except by his side. The subtle assessment he made of her person was for scholarly purposes.

The length of her eyelashes suggested she was, how should he say, flighty. The straightness of her nose implied a confidence bordering on conceit. The fullness of her lips invited untoward attention. By a connoisseur of women, she would be considered a stunning beauty with her soulful brown eyes, sleek ebony hair, and bronze skin denoting a South Asian heritage, but all Jules recognized was the arrogance of her carriage. She would not be his preferred partner for a treasure hunt.

He sighed. It would be a long afternoon.

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