To Protect A Princess by Jess Michaels


This is my first adventure into the world of Jess Michaels, and wow, I can’t believe what I have been missing!  This novel checked all the boxes for me.  There is intrigue, angsty romance, and searing hot passion!

Princess Ilaria of Athawick attends the London Season to celebrate her brother’s ascension to the throne.  Underneath this is the real reason they are there:  to marry Ilaria off to a connected nobleman to secure Athawick’s relationship with the British Empire.  Captain Jonah Crawford is entirely inappropriate, yet the couple is instantly infatuated with each other.  As the attraction blossoms into love, they enter a doomed romance.  They must discover if their love is strong enough to withstand all against them.

Ilaria is a strong, independent woman who fiercely loves.  Ilaria is comfortable in her role as a princess and her sensuality.  Ilaria’s inner battle between what is in her heart compared to her duty to her family is poignant.  Ilaria presents as the perfect princess, yet she is vulnerable and lonely.  Jonah’s life has been turned upside down.  He had to resign from his life’s occupation to deal with responsibilities he did not want.  Jonah’s inner battle to reconcile his past is visceral.  Jonah is the perfect gentleman until Ilaria tears down all his walls.

It is almost love at first sight for this couple.  I loved their romantic journey from raw physical need to blinding, all-encompassing love.  Jonah and Ilaria’s romance is stunning.  The achingly urgent feel of the couple’s journey broke my heart, and I cried at times.  However, I also loved the glorious happily-ever-after even more!

The plot was hauntingly beautiful and unfolded flawlessly.  I was captured on every page.  To Protect A Princess is the first book in the Regency Royal series.  I am ecstatic I found this author and series!  I am already reading the second book!  This book is definitely worth your time; don’t miss it!

Publication Date: July 20, 2021

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