Once Upon An Achingly Beautiful Kiss by Bree Wolf


Once Upon An Achingly Beautiful Kiss, both broke my heart and gave me great joy.  Only a truly gifted author can create living, breathing characters whose choices and consequences touch your soul.  I will not disclose the plot as it unfolds in a strikingly beautiful way that gives depth and warmth.  I will only comment that Christopher and Juliet are torn apart by circumstances and are reunited six years later for a second chance – one that will not come easily.

I first thought to dislike Christopher, but I couldn’t.  His sorrow of past choices and the depth of the love for those he cares for is breathtaking.  Christopher is a simple man who is fallible.  It is what he does to make himself a better man that touched my heart.  Juliet has secretly yearned for Christopher for six years; heartbroken, Juliet doesn’t know what she did to push Christopher away. Juliet has an endless amount of empathy and love.  Juliet is fundamental in Christopher’s journey to peace and acceptance.

The secondary characters are outstanding.  The secondary plot-line of Christopher and his parents is haunting and heart-wrenching.  I warn, there will be tears when you read sections.  However, the happily-ever-after is glorious!  The plot combines a plethora of elements to create a flowing, breathing story.  The pace was spot-on.  The depth of the plot is what astounded me.  Severe, heartbreaking issues are discussed, yet it is done in a caring, healing way.

Once Upon An Achingly Beautiful Kiss is book five in The Whickertons In Love series.  This book delves into our fragility and the ever cruel hand of fate.  However, most importantly, it showcases our resilience and strength to create love and joy from pain and suffering.  Bravo, Bree Wolf, for creating a story I will not soon forget!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: January 13, 2022

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