How To Deceive A Duke by Samara Parish


How To Deceive A Duke is a delightful class difference romance.  The clever dialogue and complex characters were exceptional.  The writing was direct and honest, and the romance enchanting.

Edward Stirling, the Duke of Wildeforde, has spent his entire life repairing his family’s reputation that his father destroyed.  Edward falls for Fiona, who is below his station in every way.  Fiona is a scientist and is independent and opinionated.  After a tragedy and his horrible mother’s threats, Edward leaves Fiona.  Years later, the two are thrown back together.  Edward is obsessed with his reputation, which is all I saw at first.  I had a hard time warming to Edward until I discovered how deep his love and passion were for Fiona.  Fiona is almost too strong-willed at times.  Her thoughtlessness and selfishness nearly destroy Edward’s entire family.  I had more empathy for Edward, he was misdirected, but his heart was right.  At times I felt Fiona was unlikable because of her all-encompassing selfishness.

The couple’s journey is rocky and complicated.  However, their love and passion were evident.  The push and pull between Edward and Fiona kept the story exciting and pushed their boundaries.  I would have liked more resolution between Edward and all his family members.  Edward allowed atrocities from some family members and made tyrannical decisions concerning others.  The story was well written, and the characters were vivid.  I did feel the plot was unbelievable at times.  The impossible situations the characters found themselves in were resolved too quickly.

How To Deceive A Duke is the second book in the Rebels With A Cause series.  Samara Parish creates a promising romantic series with plenty of conflict and passion.  I look forward to Charlotte’s story.  I struggled a little; however, in the end, this is a beautifully written romance.  Edward and Fiona’s romance is worth the time, and I recommend this book.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: January 25, 2022

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