Needed: A Dishonorable Duke by Tammy Andresen


Needed:  A Dishonorable Duke is an excellent addition to the series.  Just as captivating as the first book, this one has sparkling dialogue and unforgettable characters.  This book is an effervescent romantic read.

Mona tries to convince Brax that a marriage of convenience would benefit them both.  Mona would escape an unwanted arranged marriage, and Brax would get his heir, no strings attached.  Brax is a dedicated rake and scoundrel and refuses Mona’s offer.  However, with scorned women closing in, maybe Mona’s proposal isn’t so crazy.  However, both do not expect their hearts to get involved.

Brax is such a colorful character.  He has a sordid past, but when the right woman comes around, he opens himself up to the possibility of love.  Brax’s vulnerability is what shone through.  Mona is beautiful, outspoken, and knows what she wants.  Mona knows she is too direct and intelligent for most marriage-minded men.  I admired her acceptance of this and her spunk.  Both characters are colorful and lovable.  The couple’s connection is perfection.  Brax and Mona’s interactions are passionate and romantic.  The couple suited each other ideally.

The plot unfolded seamlessly and moved quickly.  My attention never wavered.  I enjoyed every word of this romance!  Needed:  A Dishonorable Duke is the second book in the Calling All Rakes series.  This is a stand-out novel in a promising series.  I loved the writing; it was beautifully descriptive, and the dialogue was enchanting.  Brax and Mona’s romance kept me turning the page.  Tammy Andresen has created yet another outstanding novel.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: February 1, 2022

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