The Wager Of A Lady by Kathleen Ayers


I always impatiently wait for the next book in the Beautiful Barrington series.  I know I will get a gorgeous romance filled with complicated, vivid characters and a complex, intricate plot.  I thought Haven and Theodosia from The Marquess Method would be my favorite couple.  I was wrong!  Leo and Georgina leaped from the page and demanded my attention.  How the plot unfolds is stunning, and I will not give away any details.  I will say that Leo and Georgina’s romance kept me up late into the night!

Ah, Leo!  How do I begin to describe you?  We all know my affinity to gaming hell owner/jerk heroes!  Out of all the books I have read, Leo is the epitome of this classification.  Leo owns Elysium, London’s most popular gaming establishment.  Leo dresses in outrageous, tacky waistcoats.  He talks in conversational circles to allow the listener to put their guard down, and then he verbally attacks to get what he wants.   Leo is the loves them and leaves them type, vowing never to marry or have children.  Leo’s past has broken him.  However, far underneath all this bravado is a vulnerable, caring, sensitive man.  Leo’s past shaped him into this complicated, harsh man.  The complexity of this character, from his quirks to his emotional deficiencies, made Leo into this larger-than-life character.  Leo seemed a living, breathing entity.  I was fascinated, angry, and gutted by Leo’s journey.  Leo was perfect if you can find perfection in a manipulative, calculating, emotionally deficit man who protects and loves fiercely.

Again, Georgina, where do I begin?  Georgina is an American heiress, another favorite trope of mine.  Georgina is defiant, fierce, and has a huge heart.  She is married to a titled man who could be her grandfather and is infamously scandalous.  Georgina is unhappy, lonely, and isolated.  Ridiculed due to her accent and lack of pedigree, Georgina is desperate for a kind word.  Georgina’s very young and impulsive; however, her determination and resolve mature her.  Georgina’s sharp wit and intelligence endeared me.  She goes through a lot of turmoil, yet she never loses her identity.

Leo sees Georgina at his club, and the couple’s intense attraction is immediate.  The connection between this couple is scorching hot.  Leo’s endearment for Georgina melted my heart.  Leo and Georgina’s relationship is complicated and messy yet undeniably passionate.

This couple’s journey is traumatic, visceral, and enlightening.  These characters are works of art.   Leo and Georgina’s tumultuous relationship lives and breathes and is organic.  The story is incredible.  Usually, a book is more robust in its second half; it stood out on page one.  The plot was riveting, fast-paced, and all-encompassing.  I loved how a scene could leave me in tears, yet one sentence at the end would make me laugh.  The last thirty percent of the book left me breathless. There was so much happening and so many emotions that I was on the edge of my seat.  The Wager Of A Lady is the fourth book in The Beautiful Barringtons series.  I advise reading these books in order; they build on each other.  Leo is introduced in the first book, The Theory Of Earls. These books keep getting better and better.  Kathleen Ayers, you have outdone yourself with this one!  I did not want this emotional rollercoaster of a romance to end.  Leo and Georgina’s love story left me breathless, their tragedies broke my heart, and their unbreakable bond brought me joy. There is nothing left to say about this elegant, shining romance!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: February 3, 2022

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