A Duke Of A Time by Tamara Gill


What I like best about Tamara Gill’s books is the writing.  The dialogue is always crisp, captivating, and spontaneous.  A Duke In Time is an enchanting opposites attract romance that captured my attention on page one.

Greyson Everett, the future Duke of Derby, has been exiled to the country to work as a commoner by his diabolical father.  Hailey Woodville is the daughter of the landowner where Greyson works.  The storyline is unique as the class difference theme works both ways.  Greyson knows he is above Hailey in station; however, Hailey thinks Greyson is a commoner and not marriage material.  I enjoyed this different twist.

In some ways, this is a redemption story for Greyson; he learns some meaningful lessons while working at the farm.  Greyson evolves from this spoiled, entitled rake to a responsible, empathetic gentleman.  I loved Hailey’s outlook on life.  She sees diversity where others only see a difference.  Hailey has a caring, accepting, loving nature; however, that leaves her vulnerable at times.  Greyson and Hailey fight the forbidden attraction between each other. However, their connection is too powerful.  I like how the story goes through the infatuation of the unattainable to the passionate acceptance of love.

The story’s pace unfolded swiftly and smoothly.  I liked the tone and creativity of the plot.  A Duke Of A Time is the first book in The Wayward Woodvilles series.  I believe this series will take us on the romantic journeys of the many Woodville sisters.  This romance is fresh and exciting.  Tamara Gill has created yet another sparkling novel that builds a rich, vivid world.  

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

Release Date: February 7, 2022

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