Baron Of Rake Street by Jennifer Monroe


Baron Of Rake Street far exceeded my expectations.  I liked the first book; however, I adored this one!  This novel is a beautiful telling of a doomed romance built on lies yet survives through faith in love.  

Andrew, Lord St. John is a lying gambling drunk who has lost everything and has a bankrupt estate.  Andrew is always looking for the next winning hand.  Destitute, with creditors knocking at this door, Andrew finds his salvation in a wealthy heiress to whom he is attracted.  Miss Emma Hunter is poor and will do anything to escape the horrible marriage her father has planned to get them out of poverty.  When Emma is caught up in her lies, her only hope is Andrew and his untold riches.  As the mountain of lies crumbles, the couple discovers that love is the only thing of true worth.

Andrew could have easily been unlikable; however, his humanity shone through all the dishonesty and vile deeds.  Andrew was desperate and all too consumed with gambling and drinking.  Emma is a tragic figure; she has no control over her horrendous fate.  My heart ached for both Andrew and Emma.  The couple’s sweet connection rose above all the deception.  Andrew and Emma’s love story was beautiful to see unfold.

The plot moved well; the last twenty-five percent raced and kept my interest.  All the lies became aggravating at times, yet the sweetly passionate romance kept me reading.  I love the concepts of these books, and the headmistress is a vivid, outstanding character, all the secondary characters in this book were terrific.  Baron Of Rake Street is the second book in the Sisterhood Of Secrets series.  This series focuses on the futures of a group of boarding school girls and their intrepid headmistress.  These are sweet, heartwarming reads that I anticipate with every new book.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

Release Date: February 10, 2022

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