Tempting The Earl by Amy Sandas


I know when I open an Amy Sandas book, I am in for a treat.  Reading her books is like re-visiting a passionately beloved world.  Colin Fitzhugh, the Earl of Wright, has decided to right his vicious father’s wrongs by trying to unite the half-siblings his father callously sired and abandoned.  Colin’s quest leads him to Scotland to his young half-sister and her fierce guardian, Ainsworth Morgan.  Ainsworth reluctantly agrees to accompany Colin’s half-sister to his home in London so that the two siblings can connect.  Neither Colin nor Ainsworth expect the fiery connection that binds them together.

Colin is the legitimate heir, entitled and wealthy; however, his lonely, abusive past is tragic.  Colin is as much a victim of his father’s sins as his illegitimate half-siblings.  Colin has closed his emotions off, refusing to allow that kind of vulnerability to hurt him.  Ainsworth is Colin’s exact opposite.  Vibrant and outgoing, Ainsworth can break down the formidable walls Colin has built around his heart.  Colin’s quest to create the loving family he was denied is poignant.  I loved how Ainsworth was able to read Colin so well.

These enemies-to-lovers are a perfect match of fire and ice.  The couple’s physical connection is sizzling.  The emotional connection is heart-wrenching.  The passion roars to life.  I adored reading about Colin and Ainsworth’s romantic journey.

The plot was not rushed; it was well-paced and allowed deep development of each character, primary and secondary.  This is a character-driven plot and focuses on emotion more than action.  There is plenty of plot, and the writing has deliberate intention.  The storyline was vivid and lush; I didn’t want Colin and Ainsworth’s story to end!

Tempting The Earl is the first book in the Wright Bastards series.  This new series has characters from previous books I love to revisit.  Like all her books, Amy Sandas has created a well-developed, intricately passionate romance with depth and heart.  I cannot say enough about this book, and I didn’t want Colin and Ainsworth’s story to end!  I sit here eagerly awaiting the next book!  Bravo!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

Release Date: March 8, 2022

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