On A Wild Duke Chase by Tamara Gill


On A Wild Duke Chase embodies everything I love about Tamara Gill’s writing.  There is beautiful dialogue, fiery passion, and an intricate, engaging plot.  Isla Woodville is instantly drawn to Duke Dillon, Viscount Leigh.  Duke seems to be every woman’s dream; until Isla eavesdrops on a conversation regarding Duke’s plan to rope an heiress into matrimony to save his estate from financial ruin.  Isla vows to thwart Duke’s plans, but the two are magnetically attracted.  

It is odd, in this story, Isla can be seen as the victim.  Duke lies and misdirects constantly, yet he does so for a much personal, darker secret.  I saw Isla as self-righteous and uncompromising at times.  I felt empathy towards Duke – a man in an untenable situation forced to marry for money when he is in love with someone else.  Duke’s humanity and flaws were showcased beautifully.  Isla’s imperfections also made her more relatable if frustrating at times.  The couple’s connection is an instant, fiery pull.  The passion and romance of this book are undeniable.

The plot moved well, yet I felt it slowed down towards the end.  The writing was clever, and the characters were vibrant.  I would have liked Isla to have shown a modicum of empathy for Duke when he finally discloses his darkest secret.  The story kept my interest, and the romance was passionate and enthralling.  On A Wild Duke Chase is the second book in The Wayward Woodvilles.  These stories about the Woodville sisters are addicting!  Tamara Gill is creating a delightful universe of intriguing romances I keep wanting to visit!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book by the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: March 14, 2022

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