White Knight Needed by Betina Krahn


I enjoyed this Beauty And The Beast, unruly child adventure. I laughed out loud at times. The romance was sweetly passionate. Barclay Howard is burly and is awkward towards women, yet he has a heart of gold. Known as “The Howard Beast” by debutantes, he has reconciled at never finding a woman who could fall in love with him. Norah Capshaw is alone in this world, running from mysterious men, not knowing what they want. Norah is lonely, scared, yet independent. Barclay and Norah start their turbulent romance when Barclay saves Noah from being abducted at a free love rally. On top of that, Barclay has just inherited guardianship of an unruly, spoiled six-year-old heir to the earldom.

Barclay was a wonderful character. Barclay is self-conscious but would do anything for those he loves. He is shocked and angry when he is shackled with the responsibility of this young child but takes the role seriously, being both equal parts disciplined and loving with the child. He loves and corrects Elias as needed as good as any father. Norah was alone and scared, yet I admired her fierceness and independence. I loved how after her first shock, Norah sees beneath Barclay’s rough exterior to the wonderful, caring man inside. The couple’s sweet romance is peppered with passionate kisses, and it feels genuine and organic.

The plot flowed well; I sometimes felt there could be more substance to the story. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the entertaining storyline, laced with humor and adventure. Elias, the young earl, was simultaneously a thorn in the main character’s sides and a ray of funny sunshine. The secondary characters caught my attention, and I was invested in each of them. White Knight Needed is the second book in the Reluctant Heroes series. This was my first journey into this series, and I wasn’t disappointed. Betina Krahn is on my radar for light, humorous romances with plenty of adventure and heart.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: March 29, 2022

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