Forgetting The Earl by Kathleen Ayers


Kathleen Ayers has created magic again! I always impatiently wait for new books from this author. I was excited to hear of a new series. Forgetting The Earl is as unique as it is eye-catching. This revenge romance brings heartbreak, grit, and second chances to life in a beautifully written passage.

Honora suffered a heartbreaking humiliation at the hands of Gideon’s friends. Years later, Honora is back, beautiful and alluring; she wants to make the dashing earl pay. Time has not been kind to Gideon; karma can be cruel. Honora must decide if love or hate will win.

I was concerned at the beginning because revenge romances make me nervous; they can go terribly wrong with the reader hating the aggressor. However, written ever so thoughtfully, this heart-wrenching, breath-taking story of redemption and forgiveness was exceptional.

I could viscerally feel Honora’s pain and humiliation. I loved the strong, loving person that is Honora. I liked how Gideon wasn’t painted as a good guy who made bad choices but as a selfish, inconsiderate jerk at the beginning. Gideon had to experience his pain to have empathy. Gideon and Honora’s experiences were starkly different, yet their emotional journeys were mirror images.

The plot was visceral and painful at times and done organically. This book moved fast and was a quick read. The connection between the couple is difficult yet inevitable. Honora’s journey to happiness, however rocky, was well worth the time. I was angry at Gideon initially, yet his character unfolded in a way that showed many layers and was vivid and complicated.

Forgetting The Earl is the first book in the exciting new series The Arrogant Earls. This romance is everything I expect from a Kathleen Ayers romance. Complicated characters, lush descriptions, and hauntingly beautiful writing made this book shine.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: April 5, 2022

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