Crying Wolfe by Kerrigan Byrne


Crying Wolfe is everything I expect from a Kerrigan Byrne novel. All the Victorian Rebels and Goode Girls books are captivating, angsty, passionate romances. I fell in love with the author’s writing style and prose in The Highwayman. These hauntingly broken, sensual characters take my breath away every time.

Elijah Wolfe is a rough, gruff, ruthless American businessman. Hone in the black pits of the Nevada mines, Elijah has amassed an unfathomable fortune. Yet Elijah is restless and distrustful. He cannot navigate the delicate, obnoxious social circles of the English elite. Brought to London on the quest for a stolen treasure, the last thing he wants is a proper, fragile, English wife. But that is what he is saddled with. I love a gritty, brutal, ruthless American hero, and Elijah is the epitome. Elijah has been torn apart by betrayal. I loved everything about Elijah Wolfe; he is my new favorite book boyfriend!

Rosaline is fragile, timid, and broken. She, too, has demons who haunt her from the past. I adored how Elijah brings out Rosaline’s strength, and with his help, she learns how to slay those demons. Rosaline’s psychological scars gutted me. I viscerally felt her frustration and pain. Unbelievably, Rosaline was everything Elijah’s soul needed but refused to acknowledge.

The physical, sensual connection between Elijah and Rosalind was off-the-charts pure fire! The way the couple’s emotions evolved was effortlessly described and executed. Elijah and Rosaline’s journey is messy and ugly at times, but their passionate, loving link is undeniable.

Crying Wolfe is the fifth book in the Goode Girls series, a continuance of the Victorian Rebels series. I have read every book in both series and have been blown away by the consistent excellence in the plots, characters, and writing. These books are always a must-buy. Kerrigan Byrne has the uncanny ability to produce an excellent quality romance that is heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Haunting and tragic, this book brings out the raw humanity in each character and drives the reader to devour the book to find that all-encompassing happily-ever-after. Crying Wolfe is historical romance at its best.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the Netgalley and the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: April 19, 2022

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