I’m back and what a story I have to tell!!!!

Hello, fellow romance lovers! I promised some surprises when I got back from hiatus, and boy do I have them!!!!! I have been on holiday in Italy since the end of April. It has been beautiful. We started in Sorrento and toured the Amalfi Coast. We then went to Pompeii and Vesuvius. After that, we ventured to Rome! On our way to Florence, we stopped in a small town in Perugia. Unfortunately, that is when things went downhill. My Uncle and I contracted COVID! Per Italian law, we are quarantined in our hotel here in Perugia until May 6! We have to test at that time. Then we travel back to Rome to fly home. We have 24 hours to test and be negative before the flight. So please, we need your thoughts and prayers for negative tests. We both got moderately sick and are still fighting it but feeling better day by day. We are lucky, the hotel has been excellent, and the tour director was vital in helping us navigate this unfamiliar territory! So in the meantime, I have been reading, reviewing, and thinking of the direction of my blog and where I want it to go. Oh, and also, I have been binge-watching Bridgerton!

Amalfi Coast

First, this is a book review blog, so I will still be offering my thoughts and opinions on all the books I read, including advance copies and published books. I will have a book of the month blog, but I will personalize it more and expand it. I am also profoundly considering branching out on what kind of books I review. I am solely reviewing historical romance, which is my great love. But I have recently wondered what it would be like to review both contemporary and paranormal romance. I need your input and suggestions regarding this matter! I would also love to have more author input! Those authors who follow me, I’d love to have more interaction with you regarding your upcoming books and more about you! Spread the word! I love interviewing authors and helping them get the word out on their upcoming books! I would also like to have some interaction with my followers, drop a comment letting me know what you would like to see in my blog!

Inside The Colosseum

I have several advance copies to read in May, and I will feature a May book of the month. Below is a preview of the books I’ll be reading.

Blog Feature Date May 5, 2022
Blog Feature Date May 9, 2022
Blog Feature Date May 12, 2022
Blog Feature Date May 16, 2022
Blog Feature Date May 17, 2022
Blog Feature Date May 18, 2022
Blog Feature Date May 19, 2022

Finally, I thought I’d leave you with some photos of the beautiful trip to Italy! Until next time…..Keep reading!

Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius is a special “bucket list” item for me. Me and my father had a special connection to this volcano and Pliny the Elder, in fact my dad’s nickname was Pliny. It was a very emotional moment when I saw this, I felt dad was there beside me. Our wonderful tour guide Nicole had read a journal entry from Pliny the Younger about the destruction of Pompeii on the way to Vesuvius. She will never know how much that meant to me, dad was looking down on me smiling that day!

There is a story regarding these two photographs. Technically…shhhhh…I shouldn’t have them! This is of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. I was in a guided tour of 18 people and a tour guide of the Vatican museum and Sistine Chapel. I spent 45 minutes lounging on a bench, staring at this awesome, words-can’t-describe vision, listening to the guide tell us of the genius of Michelangelo. We had a guard following us at all times. For just a few seconds, the guard decided to ”turn his back” and I got 9 of these amazing shots! Dangerous, maybe, but I had to share these with my followers! 😉

The Trevi Fountain in Rome! It was extremely crowded. I tossed a coin over my shoulder in hopes of seeing Rome again!

My uncle and me at the back entrance to the Vatican Museum.

And finally a video looking out my ”quarantine” window in Perugia…

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