Enticing The Devil by Amy Sandas

Wow, wow, wow! I know I am in for a treat with any Amy Sandas book; this one blew me away! The writing, plot, and characters combined into the perfect storm of a novel. I was heartbroken at times, yet the hauntingly beautiful ending is breathtaking in its delivery and content.

Both main characters were perfection. Beynon, I’ll get to you in a minute. Anne! I praise the hero in books more often than the heroine; however, Anne is exquisite in this novel. Anne has done everything expected; she is the epitome of grace and decorum. However, Anne is always overlooked, under-appreciated, and ignored. She has no marriage proposals, and her father is neglectful at best and horrid at worse. Anne wants to be seen. Through a tremendously rocky relationship, Anne finds her purpose and inner strength. Anne demands a voice, and reading how she comes into her own was mesmerizing. I related to Anne, and I applaud Amy Sandas for creating such lost, desperate, vulnerable souls searching for meaning, acceptance, and love.

Beynon knows he is a sheep farmer, an illegitimate son, and a grumpy, angry man. Beynon reacts where Anne considers. Beynon has no self-worth; he feels he is unworthy of Anne. Beynon’s choices in his relationship with Anne had me grinding my teeth and screaming at him at times! But, as frustrating as Beynon could be, his pure heart and gentleness shone through the gruff, angry exterior.

Beynon and Anne together are pure fire. The couple’s sensual connection is a slow burn at first, but wow, when it culminates, it is intensely passionate. I loved how the physical relationship grew when the heart and mind weren’t following. It was a broken way to react but so organic and recognizable. The back and forth between the sexual compatibility and the couple’s tempestuous thoughts and emotions was spellbinding.

The plot was heart-achingly perfect. Again, the first half was a slow burn; but that helps builds the tension to what occurs later on. I was breathless during Beynon and Anne’s scenes toward the novel’s end. The last four chapters are worth the entire book. Enticing The Devil is the second book in the Wright Bastards series. I went on a rollercoaster of emotions with this book. Mostly I felt Anne’s voice; her dreams and heartbreaks became mine. Anne is truly a magnificent character in a bold, emotional, epic romance. Amy Sandas always delivers beauty, but this book is pure gold!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: June 14, 2022

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