The Honor Of An Heir by Linda Rae Sande

I was super excited to discover this novel was about several sets of twins. Having identical twins in my immediate family, I was curious to see how well they were portrayed. I must say that the depiction of the relationship of each pair of twins was excellent. In fact, the twins in my family pulled the same antics at University as Anthony and Andrew did; that made me smile.

There are twins everywhere in this novel. Altogether there are four sets. The bond the twins had was touched on; however, the individual personalities of each twin were shown, which made this story special. Anthony and Andrew and Dahlia and Diana (Danielle) have grown up together; when Anthony and Andrew face the threat of marriage, they instantly think of Dahlia and Danielle. Both girls have sworn off marriage for a hilarious reason. Did I mention Dahlia and Danielle’s late father’s ghost also joins in for some high jinx? I loved David the ghost, and I felt his character added levity and fun.

Although there are a lot of characters, I was not confused but highly entertained. Each individual was carefully constructed and vividly described. The plot moved well, and the flow between the fluctuating plot lines was flawless. The Honor Of An Heir is the seventh book in the Heirs Of The Aristocracy series. Linda Rae Sande has the uncanny knack for creating a vastly entertaining world full of interesting, intelligent characters with organic emotions and intense depth. This is a romance full of light, love, and humor. It is lovingly written and showcases the best of how Linda Rae Sande writes. This is a lovely, heartwarming series, and this book was the icing on the cake! I wholeheartedly recommend each book in this phenomenal series!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: June 17, 2022

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