Up All Night With A Good Duke by Amy Rose Bennett

This is my first novel by Amy Rose Bennett, and I am quite pleased with it. Spinster Artemis Jones wants nothing to do with marriage; she wants to open a women’s college. Dominic Winters, aka “The Dastardly Duke,” is having trouble finding a wife who will overlook society’s gossip about him and take on his headstrong teenage daughter. Dominic and Artemis come to a mutually beneficial arrangement, but they don’t expect their hearts to become involved.

I loved everything about Artemis. The most entertaining aspect is Artemis writes gothic novels. She writes scandalously passionate, fantastical stories under an assumed name. Another thing about Artemis is her cursing. I have never read such creative words! So funny! Artemis was unapologetically herself. I liked how comfortable she was in her skin.

Dominic is a widower with a teenage daughter in total rebellion. Dominic lost his wife tragically and was wrongfully blamed for it. Mental Health is a topic close to my heart, and I felt the issue was discussed accurately and respectfully. Dominic’s dynamic with his teenage daughter is every father’s nightmare! As unlikely as it may seem, Artemis can create a bridge between father and daughter.

The plot was well thought out and moved at a good speed. Dominic and Artemis are both characters with prominent personalities. The couple is multifaceted and brilliantly portrayed. Up All Night With A Good Duke is the first book in the new series, The Byronic Book Club. I look forward to Artemis’ friend’s stories. Amy Rose Bennett penned a lush, vibrant, passionate romance full of wit and excitement. I feel this book is an excellent jumping-off place to discover this fantastic author.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: June 28, 2022

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