Sutton’s Scoundrel by Scarlett Scott

Where to start? I will begin by declaring this is the most passionate, romantic, swoon-worthy read of the year. I will usually do a small synopsis; I will not be doing that this time. I want you, dear reader, to experience the raw emotion and sensual passion this novel delivers on your own. I was riveted to the page and couldn’t put the book down! I read this story in one sitting; I was obsessed with Wolf and Portia’s story.

Sigh! Wolf is my new book boyfriend! Wolf is different than his older brothers in many ways. Wolf’s disposition and a particular secret he harbors endeared him to me. Wolf has a heart of gold. Portia has paid for past indiscretions over and over. She is stuck in a gilded cage, unable to pursue any happiness. Portia is a wonderful, loving mother and a widow in untenable circumstances.

Now let’s talk about the chemistry between Wolf and Portia. The couple’s passionate connection sears the page on their first encounter. Anytime Wolf and Portia are together, it is sizzling hot! But beyond this off-the-charts sensuality, there is this sweet, vulnerable, romantic feel to all of the couple’s encounters. Both Wolf and Portia have been hurt in the past, but when they allow their battered hearts to open, the result is combustible.

Sutton’s Scoundrel is the fifth book in The Sinful Suttons series. Scarlett Scott, beyond creating an unforgettable romance, you have created two characters that will always hold a special place in my heart. Although born in the rookeries, Wolf is the epitome of a gentleman. He is an honest, gentle character in a series about a gambling hell. Portia, although fragile, had a backbone of steel. It was the plot, though, that left me breathless. Boiled down, this is a simple love story that took me on a breathless, sensual, intensely passionate journey through the wonder and peril of unconditional love. I eagerly look forward to Lily’s story – these books are always a highlight of my day!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: June 30, 2022

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