A Recipe For A Rogue by Kathleen Ayers

Whenever I read a Beautiful Barringtons book, I decide it is my favorite. Whenever I get a new book in the series, I force myself to read slowly and enjoy every word. I eagerly await each new book because I know it will be a quality, passionate romance with beautiful prose and excellent characters. A Recipe For A Rogue is yet another dazzling, fiery, breath-taking romance!

This is an age-gap romance. Bram is twice Rosalind’s age. I felt this enriched the character dynamic and added an intriguing depth to the story. Bram, with his experience and infinite patience, is exactly what Rosalind needs. Rosalind and I are kindred spirits! She is a curvy, independent, sensual woman who loves to bake. I can relate to that on all levels! Bram has a romantic nature. Bram is gorgeous, good-hearted, and incredibly sexy! He also has quite the creative side regarding Rosalind and pastries. He has a passion for cooking which matches Rosalind’s love of baking. Rosalind is as closed-off emotionally as Bram is openly, patiently romantic. Rosalind’s past trauma is an obstacle to Bram’s love of her. The intense connection Bram and Rosalind share is beyond sensual. The couple’s passion ignites the page; they are a perfect match.

I adore Kathleen Ayer’s writing. Each of her books is excellence in storytelling. This plot is as intensely romantic as it is uniquely passionate. When I read a Beautiful Barringtons book, the characters steal my heart. I could not put down this unforgettable love story. I fell in love with Bram and Rosalind instantly. Kathleen Ayers has again captured my romantic heart! A Recipe For A Rouge is the fifth book in The Beautiful Barringtons. Fellow romance lovers, I implore you to read this series. I hope you are as enchanted with A Recipe For A Rogue as I am! Thank you, Kathleen Ayers, for creating characters I connect with and a story that stole my breath!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: July 7, 2022

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