Highland Honor by Hannah Howell


Highland Honor is the second book in The Murray’s series.  Highland Honor was first published in 1999.  This is a long series, twenty-two books.  I quickly discovered that the synopsis did not match the actual story.  Gisele is running from a murder she didn’t commit.  Nigel is a knight who takes her to Scotland to escape the bounty on her head.

I will warn about sexual assault in Gisele’s past and attempted sexual assault on page.  I liked Gisele, she was a strong, resilient woman but her choices and actions at times baffled me.  Nigel was a compelling character, yet his motives and beliefs had me questioning his integrity at times.  The story itself was intriguing; it moved at a medium pace.  I felt overall that the romance worked even when I wanted Nigel to be more courageous in expressing his feelings.

I have many books in this series in paperback.  This second book is the first I have read in the series; I will read more.  I enjoyed the book, and I think it did an excellent job as a building block in a long saga.  By the end I had warmed to both Nigel and Gisele, and their passionate connection was undeniable.  I think I will enjoy this series; it will take me some time to get used to the writing style as this was published twenty years ago.  Overall, this was an entertaining romance with grit and heart.  It has to be said that Hannah Howell is a powerhouse in medieval romance, and this book has stood the test of time.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: July 26, 2022

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