Spotlight! Ellie St. Clair and the Remingtons Of The Regency series

Hello, fellow romance lovers!  I have another fantastic spotlight!  Today I am introducing Ellie St. Clair.  I am showcasing her first two books in the Remingtons Of The Regency series.  These books are The Mystery Of The Debonair Duke and The Secret Of The Dashing Detective.  I instantly fell in love with both couples.  The first book is a best friend’s brother romance, and the second book is a class difference romance.  Each book is unique; however, they have an ongoing mystery.  This is a mystery that I am clueless about solving!  Each romance was exquisite, and the question of who targeted the Remington family kept me guessing.  We are introduced to the Remington family, and I hope each sibling receives a book.  One of my favorite secondary characters is the oh-so-wise grandmother with a romantic streak!  Ellie St. Clair’s books captured my imagination.  The passion between the couples had me cheering for their happily-ever-after.  I wholeheartedly recommend these books and give them my enthusiastic stamp of approval.  Both books are featured below with descriptions, buy links, my review, and an excerpt.  Be sure to read below to discover more about Ellie St. Clair and how to find her on social media.

The Mystery of the Debonair Duke


There was one man Lady Emma vowed she would never marry.
The rakish Duke of Warwick — brother to her very best friend.

But one chance encounter on a balcony has Lady Emma questioning all she ever believed about the duke. When her friend — and the duke’s sister — is abducted, they must work together to find her, and determine who has been threatening the Remington family.

Since his father’s murder, Giles, the new Duke of Warwick, has been trying to right his father’s wrongs and discover who is threatening them. He is also searching for the perfect wife to improve his family’s reputation — a wife who could never be the outspoken Lady Emma, who prefers to spend her time digging in the gardens.

As the secrets and mysteries surrounding the family deepen, Giles and Emma find their lives intertwine more closely than ever before. Until one fateful act leaves them one choice — love or ruination.

My Review


I love giving a five-star review to books with captivating romance within an intriguing mystery.  The Mystery Of The Debonair Duke is this kind of book.  Giles, the new Duke of Warwick, has his hands full with Ducal responsibilities, an overbearing mother, marriageable sisters, and his sister’s too-attractive best friend.  Emma has known Giles her entire life and vows never to fall for the infamous rake.  On top of this, there is a nefarious plot aimed at Gile’s family.

Giles is trying to reacquaint himself with his estranged family.  Giles has acquired a reputation with the ladies and has no desire to seek love.  Emma wants to marry for love.  She is more comfortable in a garden than in a ballroom and would not make the perfect duchess for Giles.

The dynamic between Giles and Emma is electric.  The couple goes from being platonic to realizing that there is a passionate connection.  I loved the unfolding of Giles and Emma’s love story.  The sensual physicality builds and evolves into something stronger.

The mystery kept me turning the page.  This mystery is still ongoing at the end of the book, and I can say that I have no idea who is behind all the threats to Gile’s family.  That doesn’t happen very often!  The passion and unanswered questions kept me eagerly turning the page.  The story moved fast and flowed perfectly.

The Mystery Of The Debonair Duke is the first book in the Remingtons Of The Regency series.  This is an excellent beginning to an enchanting new series.  I can’t wait to read Juliana and Archibald’s book!  Ellie St. Clair has delivered a savvy mystery within a gorgeous romance!

I voluntarily read and reviewed a gifted copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Emma opened her mouth, and then closed it again. She was surrounded by Giles Remington, Duke of Warwick. His scent, masculine and musky, like leather-bound books stacked upon shelves in a study, encompassed her, radiating from both his jacket and the man himself. She had forgotten what a presence he was. He seemed to take up the entirety of the terrace. She had seen him often in passing, of course, as she spent so much time with Juliana. But she wasn’t sure that they had ever had a conversation just the two of them, nor had they ever been alone together.

Emma was well aware that this was not a situation in which she should remain. Yet, somehow, she couldn’t seem to make herself leave. 

“Thank you,” she finally managed, as she had been cold but hadn’t wanted to say anything. “Although I should be going in.”

“I’m not too worried,” Giles said with a wink. “You’re not about to run inside saying I’ve compromised you and we must marry, now are you?”

Emma’s mouth dropped open. 

“Of course not,” she said. “I would never marry you.”

The Secret of the Dashing Detective


Lady Juliana knows she is in danger. But does she really need a bodyguard?

One abduction and suddenly her brother, the Duke, begins treating her like a damsel in distress. Lady Juliana, however, is anything but – she is a woman who knows her own mind, and is determined to make a difference. But just how is she supposed to work for her secret society protecting animals when she is being followed around by a dashing detective?

Matthew Archibald has taken on many jobs in the past, but never did he think he would be playing nursemaid to the spoiled sister of a duke. Little does he realize, however, that there is much more to the fiery, spirited woman than he initially thought.

Matthew soon finds his focus wavering as he tries to determine just who is threatening the Remington family. But the closer he comes to Lady Juliana, the less he is able to stay professional. Will his growing feelings for her come to endanger them both?

My Review


Matthew and Juliana’s love story stole my heart!  Lady Juliana was abducted and rescued.  Now she is trying to return to normal by immersing herself in her passion for saving animals.  Matthew Archibald is trying to solve the mystery of who is attacking Juliana’s family.  Juliana’s brother, the Duke, assigns Matthew to guard Juliana.  What starts as an unwanted chore ends in passion.

Matthew knows his place in Juliana’s world; he is slightly above a servant.  Matthew has worked hard to build his detective business.  I loved Matthew’s protective streak and his acceptance of Juliana being a vegetarian and her penchant for strays.   Juliana is exhausted from living in the gilded cage her mother and brother have forced her to live in.  I loved Juliana’s soft spot for animals.  Juliana knows her heart and mind, and I enjoyed reading about the lengths she was willing to go to get Matthew to accept her love.  

Matthew and Juliana’s connection was electric.  Even through all their obstacles, it was obvious they belonged together.  Matthew’s protectiveness toward Juliana was so sweet.  Juliana’s fierce determination to keep Matthew was heart-warming. Together the two were fiery, sensual, and oh-so-romantic!

The Secret Of The Dashing Detective is the second book in the Remingtons Of The Regency.  I advise reading these books in order as a connecting mystery thread through each book.  Matthew and Juliana’s journey to their happily-ever-after was a joy to read.  The added element of the mystery kept me turning the page.  The plot moved well, and every time Matthew and Juliana were on the page together, my heart melted!  The Mystery Of The Debonair Duke was excellent.  The Secret Of The Dashing Detective holds a special place in my heart.  Ellie St. Clair has outdone herself with this second installment.  This series is impressive and a must-read.  Once I start reading them, I can’t put them down!   I cannot wait for Dr. Lewis and Lady Maria’s story!

I voluntarily read and reviewed a gifted copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


“Lady Juliana?” he called, and she yelped, falling back out of her crouch and landing on her bottom. 

The dogs on the other side of the fence responded to his presence and her cry by turning and running away – except for one, who stood there and eyed him, as if trying to determine whether or not to trust him with Lady Juliana. Finally, with one small bark, the mangy thing turned and ran after the others. 

Matthew strode over to the duke’s sister, currently sitting on the ground rather dejectedly until he stood next to her and she glared up at him. He reached out a hand to help her up. She eyed it like it was dirty.

“Come on,” he said. “Stand up.”

She let out a sound that seemed to be part snarl as she finally took his hand and stood. Her bare hand was soft in his, warm and… was it sticky?

“I don’t suppose you want to tell me what you are doing out here?” he said, raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t suppose I do,” she said, lifting her chin, and he had to rein in a sigh. Her brother had warned him that she was not pleased with having someone watch over her ever move, but it annoyed him that she couldn’t see the reason for it all.

“You know we are on the same side here,” he said, and she shook her head, taking a step back away from him.

“Incorrect. You are on my brother’s side.”

“He has hired me, yes. But I am here to keep you safe. You do not want a repeat of what happened to you before, do you?”

Her eyes shifted to the side for a moment, in a motion that was the only sign she was, perhaps, more affected by the situation than she had originally let on. “No.”

“Then we will work together. What were you doing with those dogs?”

“Feeding them.”

“They are stray mongrels.”

“They are.”

“Why would the sister of a duke feed stray dogs?”

“Why would she not?” she countered, and Matthew had to hold back a smile at her spunk.

About Ellie

Ellie has always loved reading, writing, and history. For many years she has written short stories, non-fiction, and has worked on her true love and passion — romance novels.

In every era there is the chance for romance, and Ellie enjoys exploring many different time periods, cultures, and geographic locations. No matter when or where, love can always prevail. She has a particular soft spot for the bad boys of history, and loves a strong heroine in her stories.

Ellie and her husband love nothing more than spending time at home with their children and Husky cross. Ellie can typically be found at the lake in the summer, pushing the stroller all year round, and, of course, with her computer in her lap or a book in hand.

She also loves corresponding with readers, so be sure to contact her!

Ellie St. Clair’s Ever Afters Facebook Group

Thank You!

I hope I have given your romantic heart two new, exciting, passionate novels to devour!  I thank Ellie St. Clair for the opportunity to showcase her lovely romances.  Be sure to place these must-reads on your to-be-read list.  Until next time….

Hugs!  Jenna

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